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2020 make it your Year!!

The new year is almost here and it’s the perfect opportunity to make it the “you year”; find out who you want to be and make it happen!

This new year make every step count; remember goals don’t have to be too Big to be as equally important!

Remember perseverance also shows your really invested and truly want what your aiming for rather than “I should be doing this but don’t really want to”.

Keep the path true to you!

Keeping visuals on your “you year” to motivate you. Help from photos or that item of clothing you want to wear to identify yourself. You might want to have words to help describe you; such as active, healthy, happy.

Success step examples might be;

Keep a diary, have a tick-off chart for each day you did what you set out to do;

An object such as, “That dress or suit” hanging up you want to fit again and feel the best you can be;

That fun dance class that doesn’t feel like exercise but is helping you be more active;

The walk or hike with friends, which means your socialising and being active all in one go;

Have a list of new things to try, projects you want to do round the house to make you feel productive and organised.

Keep this new year fun and interesting, try new things, new activities and visit places you haven’t before, keep things motivational and moving throughout 2019!

Remember something that challenges you positively both mentally and physically is important as it links in your mind and body healthy.

Surround yourself with people that boost you to want to succeed and feel good about who you are. Take part in activities that motivate you and always have something that are also just for you “me time”

Create a list of days out for when you have free time so your ready and prepared to max the use of this time and go and do something positive and planed; such as walks in parks/gardens you may you have annual access to and surrounded yourself in some good “old free fresh air” in natural surroundings of the great outdoors.

Another really good tip is, when your in a good place ask yourself what helps you on the days where you motivation slips a little, then make note of the “go-to’s” that spur you on!

When looking at the new year 2020, remind yourself of all the steps you have already taken to get to where you are!

I love when a new year comes around and letting go of what has been and cant be changed and looking ahead at the new beginning ahead.

My diary has a clear page and a fresh start! So when it comes to the new year I have realistic but motivational goals for myself and I can’t wait.

I work out what I want to focus on, what will make me happy and narrow it down to 4 areas of my life right now and what small steps I can make in the right direction in each.

I wish you all a happy healthy “You” year 2020!

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Key steps to success in your self-development

Brain Biscuits Coaching, key steps to success in your self-development! 


1, Have self-awareness – The only thing stopping you is you! Clear your mind of all the mind chatter you have and any limiting beliefs that are holding you back! Get rid of as many of them (limiting beliefs) as you can. Find out what motivates you! Channel your empowering beliefs.


2, Do something challenging – Allow new opportunities, say “yes” to more things. Whenever possible just try things that you were once fearful of and instead of panicking, enjoy being stretched. Push the barriers of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, use all your skill set and qualities/attributes. Remember to “seize the day! Set goals and make things happen.


3, Do something different- How do you know you don’t like something if you haven’t tried it. Have a go, try new activities, meet new people, be inspired.


4, Be determined – Determination is key, give it your all as this will keep you going when life throws a few curve balls. Determination is what will keep you on track, you only fail if you don’t get back up!


5, Visualise it – see it happening, seeing is believing.


6, Knowledge really is power – read more, learn more, develop new skills, ask questions, find answers enjoy fuelling your mind. Make space to do this!


7, Imagine it – imagine yourself already where you want to be, how great that will feel and how would this enhance your life.


8, Be Creative – use all the creativity you have to create what you want, make it happen!


9, Don’t forget to Pause- take a moment, see all that is around you, use these moments to look for inspiration


10, Breathe- take a minute, try square breathing, it is a great start for you to re-centre and clear your mind.


11, Make Space and Time- Time for what makes you happy is worth scheduling into your day, positivity feeds off positivity. The right environment is also key, as it can bring out the best in you and fuel your senses for peak performance.













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Goal reflection….

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Goal reflection is such a healthy thing.  A goal is something that you wanted to achieve, you have committed your time to reaching, and then you own the achievement of reaching your goal.  See how far you have come, and then of course plan your next goal!

#1 My first goal was to run, run the day away and clear my mind!

# 2 The second goal was to run a distance of 5k

In the beginning when I started my goal-setting, I never realised just how empowering it would feel!

Having never ran before, but always longed to, to finally to say I am doing this and committed to it, achieving it!  Well it changed my life.  I felt purpose again, felt that drive and self-motivation because my goals were in the priority areas for me to Improve my mental health, improve my physical health and fitness, clear my day pressures of stress and to be outside in nature more.

These goals led me to the next chapter in my life, personal development and life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming used in personal development, and mental health awareness.