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Don’t forget your moment to “Pause”


seaport during daytime

It’s a great idea to just take a moment!

A “pause moment” so you can see all the beautiful things around you.

Our lives can very often be lived at 100 miles an hour and moments can be missed.

We recommend whenever you can to make time to just connect to the world around you
(your pause moment).

This moment “your pause” is so you don’t miss the wonderful things life offers you for free daily, such as nature.  All these things help inspire you and give you sensory feedback and fuel your Neuro-linguistic programming   – what you see, hear and feel etc.

These moments, when enjoyed fully really do remind us that “the best things in life are free” and make us truly feel alive.

The key is to learn how to ensure you don’t miss it, from the flowers, trees to the sky and all the visual variations it has!   Make this time frequently (daily) for your “pause” allowing you the time to take in all that is there for you to enjoy and could really inspire you.

An exercise to start with;

Tomorrow start with your garden (and then you could widen this to the local park, the nearest beach, forest or route into work) and make a mental log of all the things you see around you and how they make you feel?  What sounds did you hear, did you have a favourite part to this moment?  Then enjoy this visual menu, maybe event capture it with a photo.

Here’s one of my most recent favourite pause moments:


Don’t forget to look to the sky as there really are no limits!  While you are there why not reach for a star or two!



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