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Making goals that are true and from the H.E.A.R.T

It’s so important to be truly invested in your life and the direction your going and want to go in. When you make and list your aims, goals, dreams make sure they are things you would love to do, be and have in your life or change. Make them full of passion drive and determination, this is what is going to fuel them to happen and you to show up daily day in day out to make the end result become a reality.

I love using a HEART model approach to help me with my personal development goals. Because you have to be true to yourself, you have to make a time frame and it insurers the goal is set to be realistic by reminding you along the way.

An example of how to set your goals with H.E.A.R.T is below;

Honest: make sure your goal Is right for you? That it fit’s with your core values and beliefs?

Exact: think about exactly, what you will need to succeed and accomplish your goal. Think about and list all the steps you need to take along the way and log, celebrate and Mark them as you go.

Authentic: Make goals that are true to what you want, where you want to be what you want to have in your life and be sure it consistent with your values.

Realistic: don’t set yourself up to fail, make goals that are realistic to you and your life. Think about making steps and goals where you can or do you have the time, the energy, and motivation to complete the goal in mind. Think about the appropriate approach to the goal and If you have attempted it before and it hasn’t work just look at changing the approach.

Timely: think about the timeline you want to achieve this and what is realistic. Set a realistic deadline down on paper for example this time next year! Then Mark all the steps down somewhere like a dairy, for example weekly and daily steps that will get you there to the change the goal a year from now. Think about all the celebrations along the way with the steps what can change for the good along the way as a result. For example fitness goals, each week and step you will be getting healthier and fitter along the way to the goal which might be for example a half marathon, this goal as also then brought more to your life already along the way in this timeframe because it promotes positive changes in your life along the way.

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“The power hour”

With the clocks going back in the uk recently by an hour, I found myself feeling the effects of how much having an extra hour can make!

I thought that I should look to use an hour a week wisely; a “power hour”!

This hour will give me time to sit down and sort through the things I want achieve; get done for the week ahead; and get super organised.

There really is alot to be said about having 60 minutes of pure planning.

So my “power hour” I have decided needs to be on a day where it is practical and works well for me. I decided to go for a Friday as this is a good day for enough time to plan and get things ready for the following week ahead. It’s important that you make your “power hour” work for you and on your most practical day too!

During this hour I start with a note pad and pen or anything you want to use for getting things written down and of course a good thinking space.

The first part is to clear your mind of mind-chatter. Then every day thoughts of to-do tasks, they need addressing first to allow you to be really focused. Start with getting those shopping lists and diary dates sorted and out of your mind. This allows you to move on to the next part.

This is the powerful part as this means you write down things that you can start to make happen.

Its then time look at your aims for the week ahead;

start with;

next week I want to ….. and right down 2 or 3 things you really want to do or get done that will allow you to feel you have moved forward from where things currently are.

This could be something like, finally clearing out that cupboard you have, which is a mess. This style of task has a domino affect because this task being done leads to there then being space you didn’t have and you can use this to store the things you love to use or for hobbies, such as baking, crafts or more storage to feel organised.

Maybe a reading library space, the possibilities are endless if you want to get creative and also based on the location of the cupboard.

This task leads to measurable results and creates a positive shift for your living environment.

Now the second part. This part is to look at another area in your life.

“what are you doing that challenges you in a positive way? What’s on the cards for the week ahead?

what are you currently working on to keep you progressing personally. It’s so important to feel challenged in the right way and regularly.

So this part of the list is where you write down things you wont to do to progress in your personal development at the moment, such as trying new things. This might be a job, learning new skill or craft. Join a social group and don’t be afraid of trying new things out!

Just think the worse that could happen is you try it and decide it’s not for you but at least you’ll never be left wondering what if!

This type of challenge can also be layering on anything you are currently doing that you want to step up such as running further distance, gaining a further qualification, basically anything that means you step up your game as long as you keep things progressing. Make it fun and something that leaves you feeling motivated in your life and of course happy!

Now the third part,

What can you change?

This needs to be something that is not working at the moment or makes you feel negative.

This maybe a feeling that you are failing at something and that if it was working correctly it could really bring a lot to your life.

An example might result in pro action to gym attendance. You may currently have set unreasonable and unrealistic timings, which don’t work. You maybe not motivated, to tired or your other life commitments get in the way at the current evenings dedicated to this.

Therefore this is your area to change, set a plan of action of how you are going to make this work!

This could be trying a morning workout on a day where there is less pressure maybe a weekend, a morning on your route to work or during your lunch hour.

Try the change of plan out during the week ahead; remember nothing is set in stone and you can make a change to make it work!

Anything that you are doing but currently no-longer want to do, is suitable ditch it! whenever your ready to of course and find something better to use your time.

Make sure you log all your changes and steps you have made as it’s so rewarding to see the journey you have been on and how far you have come!

remember “every step counts”

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Key steps to success in your self-development

Brain Biscuits Coaching, key steps to success in your self-development! 


1, Have self-awareness – The only thing stopping you is you! Clear your mind of all the mind chatter you have and any limiting beliefs that are holding you back! Get rid of as many of them (limiting beliefs) as you can. Find out what motivates you! Channel your empowering beliefs.


2, Do something challenging – Allow new opportunities, say “yes” to more things. Whenever possible just try things that you were once fearful of and instead of panicking, enjoy being stretched. Push the barriers of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, use all your skill set and qualities/attributes. Remember to “seize the day! Set goals and make things happen.


3, Do something different- How do you know you don’t like something if you haven’t tried it. Have a go, try new activities, meet new people, be inspired.


4, Be determined – Determination is key, give it your all as this will keep you going when life throws a few curve balls. Determination is what will keep you on track, you only fail if you don’t get back up!


5, Visualise it – see it happening, seeing is believing.


6, Knowledge really is power – read more, learn more, develop new skills, ask questions, find answers enjoy fuelling your mind. Make space to do this!


7, Imagine it – imagine yourself already where you want to be, how great that will feel and how would this enhance your life.


8, Be Creative – use all the creativity you have to create what you want, make it happen!


9, Don’t forget to Pause- take a moment, see all that is around you, use these moments to look for inspiration


10, Breathe- take a minute, try square breathing, it is a great start for you to re-centre and clear your mind.


11, Make Space and Time- Time for what makes you happy is worth scheduling into your day, positivity feeds off positivity. The right environment is also key, as it can bring out the best in you and fuel your senses for peak performance.













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Smash out of the comfort zone!

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Day to day life can lead us all to fall into a rut where we find it harder to leave our comfort zone. This is because the comfort zone is predictable, safe and full of routine.  If  life was simply about living in the comfort zone, imagine how boring it would be. Imagine If we didn’t explore, travel, research, create and design just how little we would know about the amazing world we live in and all that is around us.

It is so important to strike your own personal balance between what is comfortable for you and what challenges and stretches you. It’s important to try to make sure you do “come out of the comfort zone” and try something that makes you feel excited.

Doing something that challenges you regularly will fill your world with excitement, stimulation, ambition and drive. This is also where most goals are reached!

The Bottom line is…….. do you want to wake up every day feeling that you are just existing, or do you want to wake up everyday and feel alive?

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The “Game Changer”

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There are moments in life where things happen out of our control and consequently things change, if not everything!

 Unexpected situations, circumstances, and a series of events that are traumatic, are typically what causes such changes.

 Possible events are an unexpected health issue, family circumstances changing, a trauma such as a breakdown in relationships or a loss.

 Moments like this can change your life.  Your beliefs, your emotional state, your willpower; your personal identity becomes lost. 

 At these moments in life, it can really feel like life is out to get you!  

 But one day after these events, whenever it feels right, your state of mind will hit a point where something inside of you reignites.

 This is your “enough is enough “moment. This is your “I’m ready now, ready to take back my life” moment!


You ask yourself, what do I want now?


When you’re ready for this, this is the ideal time for you to surround yourself in a community that understand what you have been through and people that inspire and encourage you.


Through these actions you become a “game changer “and all the things that happened, and all that you have been through, changes your perspective on life.


Without all of this you would not have the empathy and will power that you have right now. 





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