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Live a life you love!…

Live a life you love!

February is here the month of love so it the perfect time to look at what you love in your life right now, and what would you love to change/happen and be doing this year?

An Emotion such as Love is so powerful and important as it gives you drive and determination. Relationships are also so important. The relationships you have with your family, friends, and community can really matter but what about the relationship You have with yourself!

Do you ever look at how you treat yourself?It’s important to recognise if you put your self down our put limiting beliefs out there that stop you doing what you love.

Look at what your current personal priorities are it’s Identify how much they mean to you and the impact they have on you. Also It’s good to look at How much responsibility you have towards the priorities. Can you make them change, can you take control of them?

If you are able to be in control of them, ask yourself what would like to work on first ? What would make your life better and more enjoyable?

It’s important to invest in yourself and your time. When it comes to “me time “it’s so important to not think of it as a selfish act because it’s so important to ensure you are happy just like everyone else, you also matter!

The happier you are the more likely that you will find those around you are!

I find “me time” helps with all of the juggling and work life balance we all have to deal with at times and making sure time out for yourself is factored in and planned.

There is no time like the present, for me time to happen, you need to just ask yourself these questions to get the ball rolling and start to make your plans!

Work on these 4 questions:

1, if I could do anything what would I love to be doing?

2, What would I love to happen this year that’s within my control?

3,What do I love and enjoy in my life and how Can I factor it in more to my routine?

4, when can I start some of the above, Pick a date when the first step is going to happen! It’s more likely to come true if you write it down and commit to it!

Remember you are steering your direction you can change it, make a life you love with the things that you have the control over and power to change.

Sometimes life is hard and we all at times get dealt cards that are unexpected, negative or out of our control! and these can therefore take us off course. But with the things that you do have control over and are able to have responsibility for take a positive change and why not make it all lead to something you really want in your life!

Remember there is no failure in trying! Don’t regret things make things happen you deserve to be happy! You can’t change yesterday or the past, but tomorrow is yours for the taking …………enjoy!

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Believe in yourself because you can….

Ever thought if we spent more time on the positive rather than as much time as we do talking negatively about, ourself, putting our self’s down and as a result missing out of things, as a result of all this, what you could actually achieve and be doing with your life?

When if we actually believed we can, how much happier we would be and what we would already have achieved and succeeded at and where we would be?

How many opportunities have come your way that your confidence, limiting self-beliefs, fears and influence of others stopped you taking?

Make a positive change and Stop this happening again! to you and yourself and don’t miss out on any more things you want to do in your life!

Go for it! say yes not No to positive opportunities and the worse thing that can happen is that you tried and it didn’t work or wasn’t what you wanted and then at least there is never going to be any regrets, you tried.

And just What if it all worked and you actually got want you wanted, it would be worth it then.

Take and apply these simple steps right now to your life!….

1) signing up to things! That course, that challenge that task, lessons, new ventures etc, get it’s done sign up!

2) saying yes more often! Those things you want to say yes to but fear stopped you pick one to start with and change the no I can’t to yes I can!

3) drop out more of the things you don’t want to spend your time and energy on! It’s so true the old saying, if you’ve always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got, time for change, if something is not working change the approach, or draw a line under it and move on!

4) keep the path true to you and go get your dreams. Make sure you’re doing more of what you really want to do it’s your life.

5) make sure all of the above leads you to something that makes you feel really happy regularly.

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Want to make it your year! Give it some H.E.A.R.T!

If you really want something, I mean really want it to happen then give it your all; give it some heart! Keep things Honest, Exact, Authentic, Realistic and Timely.

HEART Goals are set with all the above in mind. They are honest and true to you, they not for anyone else, they are your goals, what you want in your life! 

The goals are exact and have steps and stages along the way. They keep you on top of your progress to your personal goal finish line! 

They are authentic to you and they are based on your current priorities, centre around your “core values”. They are not based on what you think you should be doing but what you want to do! 

These sort of goals need to be realistic and work in harmony with your life commitments, which mean it will all work together in forming a new improved lifestyle. 

Like every good goal they are measured by steps and have specific timeframes, which all have the end game in-site and where you want to be!

Nothing beats that moment “I did it!”

It’s a great idea to have a way to log your stages/steps visually and monitor progress it’s great to show all your doing and have done so far.

I love using note books, pictures and electronic logs of all the stages of the goal and look back every time I feel deflated along the way for a “motivation muscle”

It’s important to remember where you started is just as important as the end; it’s what got you there in the first place! 

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Make time for “me time”’ the S.M.A.R.T way!

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When was the last time you did something solely for yourself?

When it comes to making the time for things we want to do, why don’t we? Why does it seem a struggle, and way down the list of our priorities, especially when its normally something that would benefit you!

If you want to make “me time” happen try the S.M.A.R.T way.  A  S.M.A.R.T goal means making your goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely, see below:

Specific – I want to have time weekly for me to have “me time” doing something I want. But what you want to spent this time doing needs to be specific!   What will you do in this time?  So for example “I will go out to a Pilates class every week as my “me time”.

Measurable – set aside a time and date in your diary and commit to this time.  How much time are you going to give yourself, an hour?  So for example every week on a Wednesday at 7pm I will go to Pilates,

Achievable – make sure it is something that you can do, and make sure it’s realistic.  Don’t set yourself up for failure, make your “me time” work so it becomes regular and part of a lifestyle.

Realistic – Make sure it is really what you want to do with your time and not what you think you should do with your time.  Make sure its harmonious with your routine and lifestyle commitments so that you can sustain this new “me time”.

Timely– when is this me time going to start; how about now?!


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How to stay focused and nail your goals!

it’s that time of year where the pressure feels high for us all wanting to invest more in ourselves, and be the best version of ourselves we can, but what is the key to continuing this throughout the year beyond are New Years resolutions and successfully nailing “A life style “ A permanent positive change.

The key is with the goals you set to be honest and true to what you want from your life and who You want to become then approach these things in a way that brings enhancement to your lifestyle and ensure you regularly do things that simply make you happy.

All these things you enjoy doing will also give you more drive and determination for life, they will motivate you and naturally make you want to try out more things. It’s so important to always believe in yourself and keep going ensuring you don’t just live in a comfort zone all the time and miss out on life experiences and have regrets.

For success in your goals long term It’s also so important to keep your mind at its best and fill your head with good thoughts and positivity that allow you to believe in yourself ,Be your own cheerleader and ambassador! Make sure you Hang around with people who inspire you, those that build you up and keep you motivated. It’s so true that “your tribe is your vibe ”

The other side to Making a lifestyle that is full of things that make you happy is that this will also keep you strong at times when life naturally trows things your way that aren’t so nice, in theory you will have better levels of resilience because of this change and better coping mechanisms.

Its also never to late If there are things that aren’t right in your life for you to take responsibility for that is what you do Have control over and make changes. It’s so important to Invest in yourself and embrace who you are to Strive to have the healthiest relationship with yourself and understand your mind and it’s way of thinking and functioning, and promote self belief and inner confidence.

A tip of how to keep focused is to keep logging progress steps. Write down all the changes you want to make. Then what these changes when achieved will bring you and make you feel/lead to.  envisage the end results and how great you will feel! This should also remind yourself how far you have come and how near your getting to your end game.

Mark off the steps you have taken as you go along, keep a log like a diary, it’s good to have down the aims of the day and tick them off when you have done them, such as 3 things today I am going to get done that will support my goals and keep me motivated so no mater how small they may seem get them down, and tick them off. Don’t forget to have fun along the way, keep things enjoyable, change it up to stay on track there is no one size fits all, remember you are the pilot in all of this, your the one making positive changes that make things happen!