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Your “Creative Diet”


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When was the last time you did something creative?

Can you remember what it was and how much you actually enjoyed it?

Well what about doing something creative daily?

 What about ensuing you have a “creative diet”?

We always look at the word “diet” and associate it with food when the word ‘diet’ actually comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “a mode of living”.

The word “creative” means “to use imagination and ideas to create something”

A “creative diet” therefore is your mode of living with a life full of ideas, imagination and energy.

So when we at Brain Biscuits talk about your “creative diet”, we mean what amounts of creativity are you using throughout your daily routine to feed/fuel your mind and imagination?  How do you express yourself, and what do you enjoy?


We ask our clients these questions as it is so important for them to consider creative pursuits if this is something they feel they would enjoy within their goal setting.  We do this as its fuels a positive mindset as being creative  allows us time to connect to something that we use as a way of expressing ourselves.

Remember there is no end to the list of what you could do to be creative!

Most creative tasks are something visual, this helps see your progress.   Whether it’s the completed jumper you have knitted or the song you have written or played, or the dish you have cooked!

So go ahead try it!  Get creative, feed this into your day make it an important part of your daily routine, self expression and of you!



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