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Let Autumn be your prep for a successful winter !

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With autumn well and truly here, it’s a season full of change and I use it as a season to prep for the winter and enjoy all the wonderful inspiration autumn has to offer. It’s a great time to declutter, forget spring cleaning enjoy  “Autumn Organising”.

This time of year, I like to make changes to my living environment as I know over the coming weeks I will spend more time indoors as winter approaches. I like to change items in my living space as it creates a new mood and therefore a new energy in my home. My living room is the heart of my home so I always focus on this space and of course my bedroom. Things I aim for is looking at soft lighting as this keeps me feeling positive in the darker days as unfortunately unlike summer there isn’t long amounts of natural light so this is important to me and of course colour, I tend to change colours in my home once for spring/summer and then autumn/winter, choosing colours you are drawn to is so important. Right now, I am drawn to a cosy soft grey and warm autumn pink. For my living space. I like to change my throws, cushions, flowers and try to minimise things ahead of Christmas. This also could be items you can change, update, up-cycle or find on-line with little to no cost.

Autumn for me can affect my mood I notice now that I start off feeling a little flat when October approaches. However interestingly, Autumn tends to be a great season for me personally to focus. Autumn for me has a pattern I notice where anything I set out todo goal setting wise works. It’s important to work out if you have a season which you are at your best! Make a mental log of what season works best for you, this would be a great tool and should be used when planning something that needs lot of focus and motivation, as this is when you’re at your optimum peak of positive mindset!

My Personal Autumn must dos are;


1, Take a bag and fill it with anything in your house you feel you’re ready to move on from, no-longer wear,use or need. Fill the bag and send it off to your local charity shop!


2, Try a new recipe and make something hearty to enjoy. I personally love using a slow cooker this time of year for seasonal vegetable stews, soups and dishes.


3, Pick a space in your home such as an area your drawn to and want to change. Try quick go-to changes first for example if it’s the sofa in your living room change the cushions and throw and see if it makes you feel uplifted or any different feeling to the space, more cosy, calm etc. Put up new photos and pictures that inspire the changes and new things going on in life right now, positive Visuals are great!


4, Pick a new scent, try a new perfume for you, a candle for your home, I went with an Autumn scented candle, lots of Sandalwood, Amber and burnt Orange to bring the crisp Autumn feeling in the home! 


5, Have a go-to basket for inspiration and when you’re feeling inspired to do something like goal set, list right, plan-things or get creative. Have things in the basket like notebooks, pens, books, craft projects you want to do this season. This positive pod,means they are all conveniently ready for you, prep again is key!


6, With the darker night’s drawing in, I like to review my exercise routine, either get equipped for running in the dark or make routine changes and try some new remember winter creeps up on you so plan your new exercise routine now. Remember with exercise preparation is key!


7, This time of year can get expensive so maybe look at any positive changes that you can make to your shopping and outgoings, sometimes being organised with homemade lunches, prepared meals from scratch not only healthier but cost affective to, these things can really help make a positive spin on the pennies


8, Have list of things you want to go and do this season, step outside the comfort zone and do something that challenges you in a positive way, from classes, to on-line learning, reading that book, visiting new places trying a new hobby or exercise, go for it!


9, Go through your kitchen cupboards/pantry and see what you have that’s in date, but you won’t really use that you could give to your local food bank most super markets now have a trolley at the front you can give items to. You could even get some extra bits to give, I like to get pasta to add to my items I donate.


10, This is one of my favourites, get your diary full of social catch ups with all your friends, it’s so important to keep connected especially with people who make you happy!

11, Something you might want to do is set a goal that can be complete between now and Christmas or winter ask yourself,

Q: By Christmas I would like to (blank)

Fill this answer in with something you would like to achieve in these time frames.

12, I like to go through my clothing and make a capsule wardrobe (collection of a few essential items) and put a few full out fits together that I want to wear and that make me feel positive. It’s fun to sometimes get ideas for AW18 fashion, hair, accessories and makeup for inspirations.


Enjoy your Autumn Organising!


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How to take real “Time off” from the normal routine.


Why is it when it comes to having time away (a time that should recharge us), we often return and quickly feel like we never left! 

I wanted to try to explore ways of getting more from my short (1-2 day) holiday breaks away with the family so that they refuel me.  

I want those breaks to have a lasting effect, to feel the benefit when I return to normal routine.

So, I did just this and headed to the coast!  I took some things I love such as a camera for taking photos of the scenery, a notebook and pen to write down my thoughts and any ideas that come to me, and I took my workout gear.

One of my strategies for this break to really work, was to take myself away from anything that had a screen, for me a break from social media and the phone was key to really relaxing; no Wi-Fi, no clock watching, no tv on, no rushing round. This change allowed me to take “real-time” off from normal life. My time was spent doing the things I enjoy, allowed me time to pause and take everything in. 

I was able to do activities that allowed me to feel really calm  and positive, and I had emotional space to notice how much that environment was influencing my mood and behaviour. I felt so much happier and relaxed!

This time allowed me to see what my life can be like if I make certain changes when I return home. For example, managing my workload, looking at the time spent on tasks that are not really benefiting me, and limiting my screen use. I could focus on what I *want* to spend more of my limited spare time doing.

I took this opportunity of time away to start one of my goals; to eat a lot cleaner food (nothing artificial, only natural sugars).  While there I really enjoyed buying food sourced from the local farm shops. I cut back my caffeine intake too, as it seemed the right time.

I love being by the sea and it was very clear to me how quickly this new environment had such a positive impact.

This time and space allowed me to feel recharged for the first time in ages; I had a real break! 

keys to successful breaks


1, Choose an environment somewhere that’s the opposite to your home one, or to a place you really want to go to.


2, Cut back on “screen time” social media, phone calls, emails etc as much as you can.


3, Take a note of how the different places you visit whilst there made you feel. Was there anything that you felt some inspiration from? Drawn to? Want to now do? If so don’t forget to add them to some of your SMART goal lists.


4, Think about any new good habits whilst there you could bring back with you to include into your normal routine, such as eating better, getting more active, planning more “me” time doing things you enjoy.


5, Make sure you pack things that make you happy and are a positive way to occupy your time.  Examples of this: reading materials, craft project stuff, walking gear, workout gear, notebook and pen etc. It’s great to try these activities in new surroundings.

6, stop clock watching, don’t rush around, you doing need to do this here so make the most of this.

7, every time you go to do some activity whilst away, just ask yourself do you want to do this or do you feel you have to, and try to do the I want to do this, over the I feel you should, this is for you this time. Can any tasks wait till you return, if so leave it for then this is your break.

9, pack ready for this break, take the things you have wanted to read, do, make but have not made the time and put them in the case ready, preparation is key.

10, take pictures, remember this time and use this when you return to remind you on where you want to be and the true aims you have in your life when back to normal routine.

Enjoy trying new things and all the different environments on offer.  Look at how you react to the new surroundings and explore how it makes you feel and behave.


























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Key steps to success in your self-development

Brain Biscuits Coaching, key steps to success in your self-development! 


1, Have self-awareness – The only thing stopping you is you! Clear your mind of all the mind chatter you have and any limiting beliefs that are holding you back! Get rid of as many of them (limiting beliefs) as you can. Find out what motivates you! Channel your empowering beliefs.


2, Do something challenging – Allow new opportunities, say “yes” to more things. Whenever possible just try things that you were once fearful of and instead of panicking, enjoy being stretched. Push the barriers of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, use all your skill set and qualities/attributes. Remember to “seize the day! Set goals and make things happen.


3, Do something different- How do you know you don’t like something if you haven’t tried it. Have a go, try new activities, meet new people, be inspired.


4, Be determined – Determination is key, give it your all as this will keep you going when life throws a few curve balls. Determination is what will keep you on track, you only fail if you don’t get back up!


5, Visualise it – see it happening, seeing is believing.


6, Knowledge really is power – read more, learn more, develop new skills, ask questions, find answers enjoy fuelling your mind. Make space to do this!


7, Imagine it – imagine yourself already where you want to be, how great that will feel and how would this enhance your life.


8, Be Creative – use all the creativity you have to create what you want, make it happen!


9, Don’t forget to Pause- take a moment, see all that is around you, use these moments to look for inspiration


10, Breathe- take a minute, try square breathing, it is a great start for you to re-centre and clear your mind.


11, Make Space and Time- Time for what makes you happy is worth scheduling into your day, positivity feeds off positivity. The right environment is also key, as it can bring out the best in you and fuel your senses for peak performance.













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Your “Creative Diet”


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When was the last time you did something creative?

Can you remember what it was and how much you actually enjoyed it?

Well what about doing something creative daily?

 What about ensuing you have a “creative diet”?

We always look at the word “diet” and associate it with food when the word ‘diet’ actually comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “a mode of living”.

The word “creative” means “to use imagination and ideas to create something”

A “creative diet” therefore is your mode of living with a life full of ideas, imagination and energy.

So when we at Brain Biscuits talk about your “creative diet”, we mean what amounts of creativity are you using throughout your daily routine to feed/fuel your mind and imagination?  How do you express yourself, and what do you enjoy?


We ask our clients these questions as it is so important for them to consider creative pursuits if this is something they feel they would enjoy within their goal setting.  We do this as its fuels a positive mindset as being creative  allows us time to connect to something that we use as a way of expressing ourselves.

Remember there is no end to the list of what you could do to be creative!

Most creative tasks are something visual, this helps see your progress.   Whether it’s the completed jumper you have knitted or the song you have written or played, or the dish you have cooked!

So go ahead try it!  Get creative, feed this into your day make it an important part of your daily routine, self expression and of you!



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