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Goal reflection….

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds
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Goal reflection is such a healthy thing.  A goal is something that you wanted to achieve, you have committed your time to reaching, and then you own the achievement of reaching your goal.  See how far you have come, and then of course plan your next goal!

#1 My first goal was to run, run the day away and clear my mind!

# 2 The second goal was to run a distance of 5k

In the beginning when I started my goal-setting, I never realised just how empowering it would feel!

Having never ran before, but always longed to, to finally to say I am doing this and committed to it, achieving it!  Well it changed my life.  I felt purpose again, felt that drive and self-motivation because my goals were in the priority areas for me to Improve my mental health, improve my physical health and fitness, clear my day pressures of stress and to be outside in nature more.

These goals led me to the next chapter in my life, personal development and life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming used in personal development, and mental health awareness.

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