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Sitting comfortably, maybe it’s time for a new personal challenge…..

Smash outside your comfort zone, especially after such a crazy turbulent 12 months, find things you want to do that will make you have determination, drive to push yourself forward to what you want to do and have in your life.

Feeling like your plodding along in life right now, feeling like your just existing? This is the time to look for new ventures!

When you find yourself stuck in a rut the only thing to break the cycle is to do something different!

Be brave if you want to do something then do it! Step outside of the normal routine, find that change that breaks this for you! Sometimes a change no matter how small is all that is needed, to both boost yourself esteem and get you in the right direction.

Trying these new things can help you both mentally and physically. New Experiences can be a breath of fresh air and be that new bit of energy you need. Changes that enrich your life and keep you on the path you want are so important.

Ever thought to yourself ‘if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be where I am now? If you think of things metaphorically; you plant a seed because you want to grow something and if you just wanted the seed to remind a seed, you wouldn’t have planted it in the first place and most importantly, it won’t flower unless you plant it……

Step outside what you know, be challenged; thrive, grow, live, and flower!

Simpler, easy Steps to help you get there;

1) pick one new change or challenge for yourself to tackle, take on and prosper.

2) write it down, then write down 3-5 steps it will take to complete this and get this challenge and change done.

3) write a start date and a completion date to the change and or challenge

4) think of a new one once this one is done ✅

5) start building more experiences, memories, positive changes and gains from pushing out side your comfort Zone.

Write, complete, repeat….

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Dear self… why am i comfort eating!

Ever get those days where nothing seems right and you head to the fridge for whatever comforts you ,from wine, ice cream, cheese or cupboards for biscuits, cakes and crisps and without thinking consume them even if not Hungary. Are you someone who when things seem hard and hopeless you want a quick comfort, something that gives a short fix but then this adds to the feeling of failure and being out of control.

This behaviour is you hitting a self destruction button, which later you regret as you don’t feel better from the binge at all just worse.

The question to yourself is what’s happened?what started the slope that caused you to feel like this and derail?

If it’s negative thoughts and beliefs in your head about yourself causing this for you, have you considered how true they are,do you actually believe them? Are they limiting you in your life? Beliefs are only actually real if you believe them! So how can you unpick the real from the untrue ones.

The first step is to change the way you think and look at things. Try getting your own new perspective of things (this is your start line) if you have hit the bottom the only way now is up.Be honest about what you have been doing that hasn’t worked and what you need to do to ensure you succeed?

Ask yourself next time you go to open the fridge at night after a hard day, do I want that Ice cream or is this a comfort fix? If it’s for comfort, What if you decide to face the emotions instead and talk about them or write them down, get them out don’t store them and lose control by hitting self-destruct button anymore. For the moment you lose control, you open the ice cream tub you try to suppress emotions buy a short term comfort, this is you self sabotaging everything your working so hard towards.

The key is you realise this and make a change Recognise your hurting yourself your in a circle of comfort eating and break free, take control and be present in your thoughts and work on progress and happiness for yourself.

When you have a day or time where things start to slip and make you feel low, learn to recognise this and interject straight away.

1) when you feel your at your weakest, keep away from toxic communication and surround yourself with positive people and things that lift your spirits. This can be music, programmes, films, fitness routines to speaking to fiends. Engage with a Community of people in the same boat if it’s around fitness or weight goals. Look for motivation and inspiration.

2) It’s important to acknowledge where you are and know that it will pass. Don’t dwell, keep moving and if you do step off course , change the next step to being back On track,’the pass has happened but you can Change the now. Try Communicating to a close friend, others on the same journey or to your self, try owning the feelings “say I’m having a rubbish day” the sooner you own it the sooner it can change, as it’s no longer being stored and bottled up. Plus by owning your feelings by saying “I feel sad”this helps you realise where you truly are with your emotions and you may feel more able to deal with them. You can also see if you need greater support and seek help as the emotions will now be in your conscience and you can plan a way forward. When in denial nothing can change.

3) get through the foggy dark days buy drawing on strategies that help keep you grounded. Things that you find therapeutic try to build regularly into your life from creative pursuits to fitness routines, reading, writing, or watching something that lightens the mood and fills you with laughter.

4) Its important to reflect on the positives, look at how far you’ve come. Every step you have already taken. Remember to say to yourself you have got this! You can do this!be confident in the direct and aims you have for your end goal. Also remember we are all human and everyone falls of the bandwagon sometimes the key is you get back up and show up!

5) write down everything that’s stressing you out and you feel is making you feel low,ask what evidence their is that this is the case? if their is anything you think can prove this then ask yourself do I want to change this? If the answer is yes, then the next question is, how can I change this?

An example of this is, if a person says,they don’t feel very fit and healthy and it’s getting them down. They could then look at the evidence to support this, if the evidence of this that they currently spend little or no time on their physical well-being such as exercise, fresh air what can I do to change this…

They can then Start by Making a change towards this, for example start factoring exercise into their weekly, daily routine. This is them then taking control of their direction and making time to spend on them feeling better, they then are less likely to feel low and more in control so can coach themselves better when they find themselves considering comfort eating again and feel less out of control.

The key is to factor the things that give you strength and keep you on track regularly into your life. Make sure they are put into your weekly schedule, where they best work and suit the reality of your day-to-day life. For example if you know it’s not gonna work long-term in the mornings round your work, Kids etc,then change it to the evening or afternoons.

Make sure you set yourself up to succeed not to fail. It’s important to set realistic strong steps that really suit your lifestyle and current situations” set yourself up to succeed not to fail.


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Don’t compare yourself to others, compare your progress of change against yourself….

Personal progress starts from within remember the steps you took and where you once started. revisit the start in your mind how you felt and what your mind set was like and then use this for motivation, with comparison to where you are at present and more importantly where your heading and imagine how you will think and feel in your future when your goal is achieved, mentally, physically and emotionally.

It’s great to gather motivation for your journey but try not to compare yourself to others along the way if you can help it! don’t get me wrong It’s wonderful to have people who inspire us but when it comes to inspiration, take a lot from where you once where and don’t forget each positive change and step you have taken. Be your own measure-able motivation. Only you no the efforts it took to get you where you are today! These steps are so worthy of being phrased.

Just take a moment and ask yourself, when did you last celebrated for a minute your personal progresses, look at what you have achieved and not what you haven’t! I encourage you to keep records of your own start point and progress line and look back at the differences along the way. Look at what makes you feel and think the best you can about who you are and all you have become. These would motivate you to Become the version of yourself you want to be; what dose that even mean you ask?

Only you know what you want and who you want to be and have in your life, but I would imagine for most of us we would have on our list something that represents finding true happiness at the top of this.

So look at your present self, past self and what you want in your life with your future self.

It helps to become more accepting of yourself and make changes to what you don’t like or don’t want to accept and look at ways of working with the bits you want to change and plan your goals and the steps that will lead you to get results.

For the things we can’t change, review the way your mind set is towards them. Its so self rewarding to learn to draw a line! It’s important to learn to move forward with accepting this that your drawing a line and then let go of what you are not in control of and can’t change and finally be free of those holding you back.

I find it helpful to log all of your steps you have made, try a simple yet affective exercise.

1)Firstly find a quiet spot

2) take a price of paper and write down what you are in control of .

3)write wha you can’t control.

4) in the middle draw a happy bubble in the middle and fill it with a list of all the things that you love, enjoy and makes you smile.

5)pick a item off your list that you have in your can control column and make a start planing your steps towards that becoming a reality.

This chart example is where you list the things you can control, can’t control and then what’s your happy place your centre . Good for anxiety, personal goal setting,

Then every time you feel you need to re-evaluate you can use this exercise tool to help get things out and down on paper.

If you find yourself comparing things in life compare your journey, from where you have been, where you are now and where you are heading.Be in competition with no one just yourself!

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Want to make it your year! Give it some H.E.A.R.T!

If you really want something, I mean really want it to happen then give it your all; give it some heart! Keep things Honest, Exact, Authentic, Realistic and Timely.

HEART Goals are set with all the above in mind. They are honest and true to you, they not for anyone else, they are your goals, what you want in your life! 

The goals are exact and have steps and stages along the way. They keep you on top of your progress to your personal goal finish line! 

They are authentic to you and they are based on your current priorities, centre around your “core values”. They are not based on what you think you should be doing but what you want to do! 

These sort of goals need to be realistic and work in harmony with your life commitments, which mean it will all work together in forming a new improved lifestyle. 

Like every good goal they are measured by steps and have specific timeframes, which all have the end game in-site and where you want to be!

Nothing beats that moment “I did it!”

It’s a great idea to have a way to log your stages/steps visually and monitor progress it’s great to show all your doing and have done so far.

I love using note books, pictures and electronic logs of all the stages of the goal and look back every time I feel deflated along the way for a “motivation muscle”

It’s important to remember where you started is just as important as the end; it’s what got you there in the first place! 

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Make time for “me time”’ the S.M.A.R.T way!

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When was the last time you did something solely for yourself?

When it comes to making the time for things we want to do, why don’t we? Why does it seem a struggle, and way down the list of our priorities, especially when its normally something that would benefit you!

If you want to make “me time” happen try the S.M.A.R.T way.  A  S.M.A.R.T goal means making your goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely, see below:

Specific – I want to have time weekly for me to have “me time” doing something I want. But what you want to spent this time doing needs to be specific!   What will you do in this time?  So for example “I will go out to a Pilates class every week as my “me time”.

Measurable – set aside a time and date in your diary and commit to this time.  How much time are you going to give yourself, an hour?  So for example every week on a Wednesday at 7pm I will go to Pilates,

Achievable – make sure it is something that you can do, and make sure it’s realistic.  Don’t set yourself up for failure, make your “me time” work so it becomes regular and part of a lifestyle.

Realistic – Make sure it is really what you want to do with your time and not what you think you should do with your time.  Make sure its harmonious with your routine and lifestyle commitments so that you can sustain this new “me time”.

Timely– when is this me time going to start; how about now?!