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Making your mornings start better ……..

It’s a great idea to try to start a routine in your morning, if you haven’t already, to get yourself in the best frame of mind, for the start of your day especially if in a lock down. Do something today ,that will help you feel better tomorrow. Here is some tips to start off your morning better…

1) Make the areas of your home, you are going to wake up and use first thing, tidy and clam. Pick say two areas,get this done the night before, just a quick tidy nothing to crazy just so it’s ready and feels in order,so it’s a clam usable space.

2) Right a quick list of things you want to achieve for the day, from ordering a food shop, sending some emails, exercise goal for the day etc.if you can’t do in the morning then list the night before ahead of the next day. Remember to tick them off as you go you will feel a Real sense of achievement.

3) Pick out what to wear for tomorrow, so when you wake up, it’s ready. Doing this will help you have a more positive wardrobe choice than you are likely to do if in a rush in the morning. for example if it’s a run first thing have it all ready for you to go do this in the morning,charge your fit bit, phone etc, so a positive start from the get go.

4) Wake up before the rest of the house, this is so you can have a moment to have your coffee, wake up properly ahead of the day, and anything it trows at you, such as work, homeschooling, house tasks and the work life balance you juggle

5) Make your breakfast count. Get organised, prep it all ready the night before into Tupperware , especially if you no, this is the only way you will have time round your activities to eat. Make it full of what you need to fuel your body for the start of your day. Make sure you include a glass of water first thing to when waking up, keeping hydrated is so important!

6) Morning movement, If you can fit in exercise In the morning then do! Ideally start with a stretch,walk, yoga or Pilates style workout that allows a lot of breathing and mindfulness, it will boost the start to your day so much. If you haven’t tried these things before, give them ago! Exercise really can give you a great positive boost, just what you having been missing or looking for,from your mornings.

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Managing your thoughts during lockdown and self-isolation.

You may find yourself worrying more than usually at the moment especially given the situation in the world. I wanted to share some things that I felt have helped me at this time which you may find helpful.

It’s a simple exercise to get all your thoughts down on paper. First take a piece of paper and in the middle draw a line through the centre then in the middle of that line draw a circle, this circle is centred it to the whole page.

In the left-hand side I make a list of everything that is on my mind that I am in control of examples of this may be the way in which my attitude is over this time I’m giving to my health and well-being, the exercise I will do, the food I will eat, how I’m going to homeschool my child, how am I going to line my finances up in light of the isolation, how I am going to continue to socialise with my friends and family such as online phone calls, emails, etc. how can I get on top of any food shortages such as organise meal plans have little waist dig out recipes etcn the left hand side of the piece of paper I write down every think that I feel I am in control of that is worrying me such as:sorting out food shopping sorting out finances sorting out homeschool activities how am I going to look after my health and well-being how can I still keep my running up how can I still socialise from home? These are all examples of course, we all have different priorities of thoughts.

Then to the right hand side of the page I list all the things I am not in control of for example how the virus is spreading, the way in which others are behaving, how long the timeframe of lockdown and isolation will happen etc. All of the items I list in this section I then with a line underscore as they are not in my control so I’m visually telling myself this by drawing a line under them they are not in my control.

Now for my favourite part of this exercise the large circle in the centre of your page is what I like to call your happy bubble.

In your happy bubble list out as many things as you can that make you feel better, lift your mood, stop you worrying so much and generally make you happy.

Examples you can put here are; creative projects going for a walk, reading a good book, exercise, talking to your friends or family, taking part in something .( online of course) doing some charity work or donating, community projects etc. your bubble of happiness will be based on what you like and activities that you Draw upon as strategies to continue to help you get through this time and keep your mood good, positive possibly and therefor as a whole and help you through.

Please see below a really rough example of this whole exercise on paper it’s not about anything being perfect this is solely for you again just an example of some things below.

Stay safe, keep well and hope you find this helpful.

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Sometimes my Trainers are all the therapy I need!

silhouette of boy running in body of water during sunset
Photo by Samuel Silitonga on

Had a bad day? Feeling drained? Brain fog?  Frustrated?  At the end of the day are you left feeling “how am I going to change my mind frame?”

Well….I choose to run!

Run off the day, run off the negative thoughts in my mind and any frustration or worries, and get outside and run!  Personally I love what a difference it makes.

Running is such a great example of a good coping strategy to clear my mind, it’s also a way of doing something to support yourself in releasing any bottled up emotions, thoughts and turn them around and let them fuel you to have willpower!

My running helps me build up resilience to my ever filling stress container! You see once I’ve run I feel like  I’ve achieved something too!

Its hard  to sometimes commit time to yourself, so anything that promotes this and leads to you feeling  positive is worth making time for.

You cannot beat that feeling of helping yourself through things and feeling like you’re getting there, you are making things change for the better. I find what’s great with running I can choose the path, route and distance, so it’s totally your call. Running is something that you can do alone, with someone else or as part of a community/ team. This can also help you feel you are connecting with the world regularly.

My running also gives me a new  found lease of life, It’s a tool that acts as a motivation muscle for me to stay on track with my goals, reflect who I want to be and keeps me on the right.

It’s a good idea is to think of what you are going to have as your support tool if you don’t yet have one.

Make the you time count, invest in you!

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How to take real “Time off” from the normal routine.


Why is it when it comes to having time away (a time that should recharge us), we often return and quickly feel like we never left! 

I wanted to try to explore ways of getting more from my short (1-2 day) holiday breaks away with the family so that they refuel me.  

I want those breaks to have a lasting effect, to feel the benefit when I return to normal routine.

So, I did just this and headed to the coast!  I took some things I love such as a camera for taking photos of the scenery, a notebook and pen to write down my thoughts and any ideas that come to me, and I took my workout gear.

One of my strategies for this break to really work, was to take myself away from anything that had a screen, for me a break from social media and the phone was key to really relaxing; no Wi-Fi, no clock watching, no tv on, no rushing round. This change allowed me to take “real-time” off from normal life. My time was spent doing the things I enjoy, allowed me time to pause and take everything in. 

I was able to do activities that allowed me to feel really calm  and positive, and I had emotional space to notice how much that environment was influencing my mood and behaviour. I felt so much happier and relaxed!

This time allowed me to see what my life can be like if I make certain changes when I return home. For example, managing my workload, looking at the time spent on tasks that are not really benefiting me, and limiting my screen use. I could focus on what I *want* to spend more of my limited spare time doing.

I took this opportunity of time away to start one of my goals; to eat a lot cleaner food (nothing artificial, only natural sugars).  While there I really enjoyed buying food sourced from the local farm shops. I cut back my caffeine intake too, as it seemed the right time.

I love being by the sea and it was very clear to me how quickly this new environment had such a positive impact.

This time and space allowed me to feel recharged for the first time in ages; I had a real break! 

keys to successful breaks


1, Choose an environment somewhere that’s the opposite to your home one, or to a place you really want to go to.


2, Cut back on “screen time” social media, phone calls, emails etc as much as you can.


3, Take a note of how the different places you visit whilst there made you feel. Was there anything that you felt some inspiration from? Drawn to? Want to now do? If so don’t forget to add them to some of your SMART goal lists.


4, Think about any new good habits whilst there you could bring back with you to include into your normal routine, such as eating better, getting more active, planning more “me” time doing things you enjoy.


5, Make sure you pack things that make you happy and are a positive way to occupy your time.  Examples of this: reading materials, craft project stuff, walking gear, workout gear, notebook and pen etc. It’s great to try these activities in new surroundings.

6, stop clock watching, don’t rush around, you doing need to do this here so make the most of this.

7, every time you go to do some activity whilst away, just ask yourself do you want to do this or do you feel you have to, and try to do the I want to do this, over the I feel you should, this is for you this time. Can any tasks wait till you return, if so leave it for then this is your break.

9, pack ready for this break, take the things you have wanted to read, do, make but have not made the time and put them in the case ready, preparation is key.

10, take pictures, remember this time and use this when you return to remind you on where you want to be and the true aims you have in your life when back to normal routine.

Enjoy trying new things and all the different environments on offer.  Look at how you react to the new surroundings and explore how it makes you feel and behave.


























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Don’t forget your moment to “Pause”


seaport during daytime

It’s a great idea to just take a moment!

A “pause moment” so you can see all the beautiful things around you.

Our lives can very often be lived at 100 miles an hour and moments can be missed.

We recommend whenever you can to make time to just connect to the world around you
(your pause moment).

This moment “your pause” is so you don’t miss the wonderful things life offers you for free daily, such as nature.  All these things help inspire you and give you sensory feedback and fuel your Neuro-linguistic programming   – what you see, hear and feel etc.

These moments, when enjoyed fully really do remind us that “the best things in life are free” and make us truly feel alive.

The key is to learn how to ensure you don’t miss it, from the flowers, trees to the sky and all the visual variations it has!   Make this time frequently (daily) for your “pause” allowing you the time to take in all that is there for you to enjoy and could really inspire you.

An exercise to start with;

Tomorrow start with your garden (and then you could widen this to the local park, the nearest beach, forest or route into work) and make a mental log of all the things you see around you and how they make you feel?  What sounds did you hear, did you have a favourite part to this moment?  Then enjoy this visual menu, maybe event capture it with a photo.

Here’s one of my most recent favourite pause moments:


Don’t forget to look to the sky as there really are no limits!  While you are there why not reach for a star or two!