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Focus this February

With January out the way and spring round the corner February is a fab month to really focus on yourself and what you want for this year!

It’s a great Time to Set small realistic steps to get you to where you want and picture your end results! Each time you complete a step or action remember you are closer to this than ever before.Keep on track as your the only person responsible to make this happen for you! and you can do this! As long as you really want to!

When things get blurred or hard, dig deep find that extra bit of strength! Consider what motivation muscle you can use for inspiration to keep you on track! (See )

Remember it’s easy to get pulled down by things and lose sense of direction so avoid anything or anyone You can that might impact you in a negative way, or might stop you getting to your goal.

Remember there will be days where you will do nothing and it’s perfectly ok to do this, it’s great for processing things and allows you time to pause and reflect.

There will be those days where you get lots done and feel liberated and then those days where you want to give up and throw it all away,but don’t! you just need to see how far you have come and where you are against where you once were and keep going.

So what are you waiting for you are all the tools you need to make things happen

“Go Get Your Goal”

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Your centre it’s so important…

It’s What keeps you rotating….

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Try imaging your life in the form of a circle, visualise a Ferris-wheel metaphorically speaking. The centre mechanism is what powers the whole motor to make wheel move round!  The centre is made up of different mechanisms which in this metaphor represents your core values, life priorities, principles, morals and beliefs (basically your centre).  All of these keep you being you!  The centre fuels us and motivates our life and as a results gives us drive to set aims, ambitions and goals (moves the wheel).

The centre is so important, it’s important to keep it strong, grounded and functional.  Anything that works in harmony with your core personality fundamentals is going to do positive things for you and drive things forward and keep your life moving in the right direction.  Thus allow a harmonious rotation (hence visualising the Ferris-wheel ), positivity feeds off positivity!

In personal development coaching it is important to look at all our clients fundamental building blocks, their core values and help them base their goal setting around these.  We use a number of techniques to do so.  


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How to be happier, Identity, life coaching, goal setting, lifestyle, motivation, New beginnings, new year, New you, Steps to success, Uncategorized

2020 make it your Year!!

The new year is almost here and it’s the perfect opportunity to make it the “you year”; find out who you want to be and make it happen!

This new year make every step count; remember goals don’t have to be too Big to be as equally important!

Remember perseverance also shows your really invested and truly want what your aiming for rather than “I should be doing this but don’t really want to”.

Keep the path true to you!

Keeping visuals on your “you year” to motivate you. Help from photos or that item of clothing you want to wear to identify yourself. You might want to have words to help describe you; such as active, healthy, happy.

Success step examples might be;

Keep a diary, have a tick-off chart for each day you did what you set out to do;

An object such as, “That dress or suit” hanging up you want to fit again and feel the best you can be;

That fun dance class that doesn’t feel like exercise but is helping you be more active;

The walk or hike with friends, which means your socialising and being active all in one go;

Have a list of new things to try, projects you want to do round the house to make you feel productive and organised.

Keep this new year fun and interesting, try new things, new activities and visit places you haven’t before, keep things motivational and moving throughout 2019!

Remember something that challenges you positively both mentally and physically is important as it links in your mind and body healthy.

Surround yourself with people that boost you to want to succeed and feel good about who you are. Take part in activities that motivate you and always have something that are also just for you “me time”

Create a list of days out for when you have free time so your ready and prepared to max the use of this time and go and do something positive and planed; such as walks in parks/gardens you may you have annual access to and surrounded yourself in some good “old free fresh air” in natural surroundings of the great outdoors.

Another really good tip is, when your in a good place ask yourself what helps you on the days where you motivation slips a little, then make note of the “go-to’s” that spur you on!

When looking at the new year 2020, remind yourself of all the steps you have already taken to get to where you are!

I love when a new year comes around and letting go of what has been and cant be changed and looking ahead at the new beginning ahead.

My diary has a clear page and a fresh start! So when it comes to the new year I have realistic but motivational goals for myself and I can’t wait.

I work out what I want to focus on, what will make me happy and narrow it down to 4 areas of my life right now and what small steps I can make in the right direction in each.

I wish you all a happy healthy “You” year 2020!

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How to re-identify yourself again after change….

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Do you often put yourself to the back of the priorotiy list when it comes to others?  Are you someone who has life responsibilities where you have to care for others so it’s hard to have time for you?  Has a change occurred that has changed you and your identity?

Change is always hard and can be difficult to cope with, even a positive change takes time as it’s still new!

The first top tip when your feeling a bit lost and not sure of who you are anymore, or who you want to be, is to look out for clues. They will be everywhere you just need to be in a place to capture and remember them when they come your way…..

The clues are normally things that you are drawn to, activity, people, tasks, places, colours, sounds, environments, pictures in magazines or on-line, Pinterest, following research, stories, fabrics, books, clothes, pictures, views etc these are all things that you might be drawn to and might just give you a clue to what your new found identity might be, if you want it!

The mind works best with lots of things to reference as evidence so use these clues, to keep you motivated and not to give up on finding yourself, and creating project you!

If you find yourself out walking and are drawn to a particular area and view or place,  that’s because it connects with you in someway and so it’s great to add that into your lifestyle as it is something that calls out to you.

You might find these places to be things that start to unlock your creative side, for example the places you visit might make you want to take photos of the scenery, or create paintings of the views, or collect things such as leaves and flowers for pressing.  Recreate what you love in your home or if it’s gardening choose the plants that you are attracted to for their colour or texture etc.

Gather all the things that are clues for you and all the clues to help you then look at your identity more.

ask yourself…

1,what is it about each thing you have collected, seen, visited, describe what you are drawn to and like about each thing

2, how does it make you feel

3, do you want more of this in your life, yes or no

4, why?  What does it bring or do for you?

This is the start of you slowly re-evaluating things, gaining identity again which will lead to you then taking steps and look at areas that are priorities.

Some people find it hard to find inspiration, you need to dig deep at times. Making up a new routine to help support yourself to become inspired again to have things that you enjoy and are drawn to as part of as many days in the week as possible. Make time for me time.

Remember project you is the best thing you could ever work on! The happier you are the better your life will be!


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Smash out of the comfort zone!

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Day to day life can lead us all to fall into a rut where we find it harder to leave our comfort zone. This is because the comfort zone is predictable, safe and full of routine.  If  life was simply about living in the comfort zone, imagine how boring it would be. Imagine If we didn’t explore, travel, research, create and design just how little we would know about the amazing world we live in and all that is around us.

It is so important to strike your own personal balance between what is comfortable for you and what challenges and stretches you. It’s important to try to make sure you do “come out of the comfort zone” and try something that makes you feel excited.

Doing something that challenges you regularly will fill your world with excitement, stimulation, ambition and drive. This is also where most goals are reached!

The Bottom line is…….. do you want to wake up every day feeling that you are just existing, or do you want to wake up everyday and feel alive?