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How to re-identify yourself again after change….

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Do you often put yourself to the back of the priorotiy list when it comes to others?  Are you someone who has life responsibilities where you have to care for others so it’s hard to have time for you?  Has a change occurred that has changed you and your identity?

Change is always hard and can be difficult to cope with, even a positive change takes time as it’s still new!

The first top tip when your feeling a bit lost and not sure of who you are anymore, or who you want to be, is to look out for clues. They will be everywhere you just need to be in a place to capture and remember them when they come your way…..

The clues are normally things that you are drawn to, activity, people, tasks, places, colours, sounds, environments, pictures in magazines or on-line, Pinterest, following research, stories, fabrics, books, clothes, pictures, views etc these are all things that you might be drawn to and might just give you a clue to what your new found identity might be, if you want it!

The mind works best with lots of things to reference as evidence so use these clues, to keep you motivated and not to give up on finding yourself, and creating project you!

If you find yourself out walking and are drawn to a particular area and view or place,  that’s because it connects with you in someway and so it’s great to add that into your lifestyle as it is something that calls out to you.

You might find these places to be things that start to unlock your creative side, for example the places you visit might make you want to take photos of the scenery, or create paintings of the views, or collect things such as leaves and flowers for pressing.  Recreate what you love in your home or if it’s gardening choose the plants that you are attracted to for their colour or texture etc.

Gather all the things that are clues for you and all the clues to help you then look at your identity more.

ask yourself…

1,what is it about each thing you have collected, seen, visited, describe what you are drawn to and like about each thing

2, how does it make you feel

3, do you want more of this in your life, yes or no

4, why?  What does it bring or do for you?

This is the start of you slowly re-evaluating things, gaining identity again which will lead to you then taking steps and look at areas that are priorities.

Some people find it hard to find inspiration, you need to dig deep at times. Making up a new routine to help support yourself to become inspired again to have things that you enjoy and are drawn to as part of as many days in the week as possible. Make time for me time.

Remember project you is the best thing you could ever work on! The happier you are the better your life will be!


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