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Managing your thoughts during lockdown and self-isolation.

You may find yourself worrying more than usually at the moment especially given the situation in the world. I wanted to share some things that I felt have helped me at this time which you may find helpful.

It’s a simple exercise to get all your thoughts down on paper. First take a piece of paper and in the middle draw a line through the centre then in the middle of that line draw a circle, this circle is centred it to the whole page.

In the left-hand side I make a list of everything that is on my mind that I am in control of examples of this may be the way in which my attitude is over this time I’m giving to my health and well-being, the exercise I will do, the food I will eat, how I’m going to homeschool my child, how am I going to line my finances up in light of the isolation, how I am going to continue to socialise with my friends and family such as online phone calls, emails, etc. how can I get on top of any food shortages such as organise meal plans have little waist dig out recipes etcn the left hand side of the piece of paper I write down every think that I feel I am in control of that is worrying me such as:sorting out food shopping sorting out finances sorting out homeschool activities how am I going to look after my health and well-being how can I still keep my running up how can I still socialise from home? These are all examples of course, we all have different priorities of thoughts.

Then to the right hand side of the page I list all the things I am not in control of for example how the virus is spreading, the way in which others are behaving, how long the timeframe of lockdown and isolation will happen etc. All of the items I list in this section I then with a line underscore as they are not in my control so I’m visually telling myself this by drawing a line under them they are not in my control.

Now for my favourite part of this exercise the large circle in the centre of your page is what I like to call your happy bubble.

In your happy bubble list out as many things as you can that make you feel better, lift your mood, stop you worrying so much and generally make you happy.

Examples you can put here are; creative projects going for a walk, reading a good book, exercise, talking to your friends or family, taking part in something .( online of course) doing some charity work or donating, community projects etc. your bubble of happiness will be based on what you like and activities that you Draw upon as strategies to continue to help you get through this time and keep your mood good, positive possibly and therefor as a whole and help you through.

Please see below a really rough example of this whole exercise on paper it’s not about anything being perfect this is solely for you again just an example of some things below.

Stay safe, keep well and hope you find this helpful.

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Self isolating, how we are trying to waste as little as possible

First off I want to again wish you all strength, health and positivity at such a turbulent time. My blogs at the moment are sharing how I am coaching myself and family through our self isolation and to share this with you. I hope that you find it helpful, and if nothing else something nice to read about.

We are trying to make a positive bubble in our home at the moment for us all to live in as comfortably and as stress free as possible. with all that’s going on in the world right now this is essential

We are trying to take positive from the simplest of things and of course value our precious time together.

We also are monitoring our foods supplies, planning menus for each day so not to waste anything. We are even using left overs such as peals and skins of fruits and packaging food comes in, so for example really over ripe bananas can be used to create a cake or loaf, which provides more for the whole family as long as you have eggs, flour, sugar and butter or vegan variations lying around.

Then we also looked at the leftover waste of these products and found out what can we do with them? the egg shells and banana skins can be used in the garden to help with the growing of our vegetables, we planted some runner beans this weekend so we should have crop for summer in case vegetables are hard to get, which currently it’s very hit and miss in the stores.

We have found some canes in our garden and string in the shed and used the soil that was good in our garden so didn’t need to buy anything in addition to the seeds we had in storage.

I’m enjoying learning about things that I wouldn’t have made a priority before and simply didn’t have the time to do before. These tasks have all been in some way creative, which again keeps us as a family seeing progress with visual results. We also have tasks set for the day so then indirectly have small goals, which we are achieving. This helps us feel a sense of accomplishment; it’s great to see results of our efforts for the day as a household. The most important part to this is that we can show our child that it’s important to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible.

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Self isolating?tips to help you cope

First of all I want to send positive vibes, wishes of health, happiness and strength we are all in this together. Take care and be safe.

I have been self isolating for a while now and wanted to share some things that have helped me get through the days and the ever changing updates and information out there, I waned to share what’s kept me mentally and physically stable.

Start the day as you mean to go on, I have found having a moment first thing to myself helps me to mentally prepare for the day ahead. Find a place in your home you feel most relaxed and positive and take your morning coffee/tea and just take a minute. I am blessed to have a room that has lots of large windows facing green space so I wake up and have my favourite cup of coffee looking out at my garden.

Find out some great reading material and feed your mind! Have a few things ready to read, I have got a handful of books ready, that will keep my mind focused. I am going to continue to factor this in my day even if it’s a page or two a night.

I have planned some creative projects, given the current situation I have looked at things I can recycle and what also I can do at home for sustainability.

I have looked at what’s happening in the Community, there is normally lots you can get involved with, help or connect to. It’s important not feel alone. It can be a simple phone call to your neighbours.

Communication, talk to your family and friends call those your closest to. its so important to speak to whoever makes you feel happy and those that keeps your spirits lifted and also think who you can call and help them along the way to. Now is time when it is absolutely key to make time for those you love and care about.

Make sure you check in and reflect daily on how you are. ask yourself how are you feeling and what’s your mood like? There is a lot going on and a lot to take in and adjust to so be kind to yourself. Don’t forget to ask yourself “what helps me feel connected still with the world?”, “what am I learning about myself?”, “how am I doing with this situation?”, “what do I need to help me through this tough time?”

Make a list of things that takes your mind off everything and then you can use these things again as strategy’s going forward over the coming weeks. I have found watching something funny and that my sense of humour really helps; laughing and lightening the mood allows me to escape and of course also my exercise workouts as they keep me focused.

Allow time to process what’s happening and take this all in. You might find It helpful to write down anything that directly impacts you or is worrying you and look at what steps you can take to support and help yourself through this time from financial matters to practical living issues, such as food and essentials.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy and remind you of good times, photos are always great of places and people in your life. Play music and enjoy mood lifting sounds. Look back at videos and pictures remind yourself this is all temporary and we are all in this together.

I have found making my home as clam as possible is incredibly helpful in this situation, I have got rid of any clutter and created more space to keep the mood positive and allow for clear thinking. Lighting candles with a fragrance you like and make your house your home.

It’s hard to always stay on track of nutrition but I have found it incredibly helpful to log everything into my fitness pal so I can check on what nutrients I am missing or having with limited supplies and monitor my calorie intake, vitamins and minerals.

This situation has created more time for me to give to tasks and things that I don’t normally have, such as cooking at meal times I have more time to prep so can make fresh and from scratch and explore and try new recipes So also allows me to get creative which always boosts my mood.

Get fresh air, when you can make sure you let air into your home, if you have a garden get outside at least once a day if weather allows and your well enough too. The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders, I know some in countries you are ok to take a walk with social distancing so there is this option too.