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Self isolating?tips to help you cope

First of all I want to send positive vibes, wishes of health, happiness and strength we are all in this together. Take care and be safe.

I have been self isolating for a while now and wanted to share some things that have helped me get through the days and the ever changing updates and information out there, I waned to share what’s kept me mentally and physically stable.

Start the day as you mean to go on, I have found having a moment first thing to myself helps me to mentally prepare for the day ahead. Find a place in your home you feel most relaxed and positive and take your morning coffee/tea and just take a minute. I am blessed to have a room that has lots of large windows facing green space so I wake up and have my favourite cup of coffee looking out at my garden.

Find out some great reading material and feed your mind! Have a few things ready to read, I have got a handful of books ready, that will keep my mind focused. I am going to continue to factor this in my day even if it’s a page or two a night.

I have planned some creative projects, given the current situation I have looked at things I can recycle and what also I can do at home for sustainability.

I have looked at what’s happening in the Community, there is normally lots you can get involved with, help or connect to. It’s important not feel alone. It can be a simple phone call to your neighbours.

Communication, talk to your family and friends call those your closest to. its so important to speak to whoever makes you feel happy and those that keeps your spirits lifted and also think who you can call and help them along the way to. Now is time when it is absolutely key to make time for those you love and care about.

Make sure you check in and reflect daily on how you are. ask yourself how are you feeling and what’s your mood like? There is a lot going on and a lot to take in and adjust to so be kind to yourself. Don’t forget to ask yourself “what helps me feel connected still with the world?”, “what am I learning about myself?”, “how am I doing with this situation?”, “what do I need to help me through this tough time?”

Make a list of things that takes your mind off everything and then you can use these things again as strategy’s going forward over the coming weeks. I have found watching something funny and that my sense of humour really helps; laughing and lightening the mood allows me to escape and of course also my exercise workouts as they keep me focused.

Allow time to process what’s happening and take this all in. You might find It helpful to write down anything that directly impacts you or is worrying you and look at what steps you can take to support and help yourself through this time from financial matters to practical living issues, such as food and essentials.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy and remind you of good times, photos are always great of places and people in your life. Play music and enjoy mood lifting sounds. Look back at videos and pictures remind yourself this is all temporary and we are all in this together.

I have found making my home as clam as possible is incredibly helpful in this situation, I have got rid of any clutter and created more space to keep the mood positive and allow for clear thinking. Lighting candles with a fragrance you like and make your house your home.

It’s hard to always stay on track of nutrition but I have found it incredibly helpful to log everything into my fitness pal so I can check on what nutrients I am missing or having with limited supplies and monitor my calorie intake, vitamins and minerals.

This situation has created more time for me to give to tasks and things that I don’t normally have, such as cooking at meal times I have more time to prep so can make fresh and from scratch and explore and try new recipes So also allows me to get creative which always boosts my mood.

Get fresh air, when you can make sure you let air into your home, if you have a garden get outside at least once a day if weather allows and your well enough too. The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders, I know some in countries you are ok to take a walk with social distancing so there is this option too.

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Don’t let the past hold you back!

Everyone goes through things in life everyone has a past, some good some bad and you can use these past experiences to channel anything from it that you want. Things that you learnt, things that were positive and helped you grow, grow into who you are today and helped build your resilience for life. But please remember the past doesn’t have to define you, unless you want it too! It’s the past for a reason don’t let it write your future, you be the narrator! Things might be tough and get hard at times but you can still change tomorrow, you can make it better even if just a small step in the direction you want, this step no matter how small is then the starting point of you taking control and not letting anything or anyone hold you back, back from being you!

You can spend the rest of your life blaming the past for how you are now and why things are how they are or you can give yourself an opportunity and see that it’s not to late !to make a new future and change your current story, write a new exciting chapter one that you want, that you choose and finally enjoy and own your life.

It’s not that we should forget what’s happened but it’s knowing that what happened is past tense and doesn’t mean things can’t change and be better,live and work towards a future, your future.

Don’t be scared to live a life that when you look back you can say whatever life chucked your way you did all you could to have the life you wanted, regret free!

If the past experiences you have been through still eat you up and affect you negatively or physically then be honest with yourself, find and get support this will help you to address the things that keep bothering you so that you then can move forward once and for all. I know it’s hard but don’t be frightened it will be the best thing for your future addressing what is holding it back!

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Ahead of world Mental Health day 10th October,Mental health, stress and your resilience!

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We all have mental health just as we have physical health however, it is not always something we look at regularly supporting and training, or exercising and reviewing.  It would be wonderful to think we soon will be in a world where we could openly ask each other ” how you feeling today and how’s your mind”, without it being uncomfortable.

We all have those moments in life where things can cause us to feel lower in our mood. This often affects our mental health.  Times of this “low mood “ or any ongoing sadness can happen to any of us at any time, feeling as if it comes upon us without any warning.   It is important to recognise your own personal triggers.  It’s important to ask yourself

1,what are my triggers?

2,What sends  my stress levels over the edge?

3, Is there any changes you can make to help you manage these things?

4, what helps you to keep going  when you feel like this?

The triggers could be anything, such as a memorable date, topics you are sensitive to and don’t want to face yet, family, relationships, self-limiting beliefs, traumas, life events, medical reasons, life pressure, public speaking, anything!

It is so important to take the time to look at any trigger patterning you have. By looking at triggers you can possibly unlock a resilience strategy for yourself that just might help you cope better when you are in need.

Emotional stress can be really overwhelming, it can impact both your physical and mental state.  Strategies to support your resilience can work wonders in helping you through this time, along with of course any support groups, professional outreach etc available to you.

Examples of resilience you can use when this happens are things such as supportive building blocks to help manage your stress levels.  Some of mine are below:

  • When life is busy I have to make sure I  have me time
  • Personal head space-time, walk, read, chill out somewhere away from everything to just clear your mind (a pause moment)
  • Something that is physical such as sport; for me my main choice of activity to spend my “me” time on is running
  • Something that makes you feel a sense of belonging such as socialising with the right community
  •  Things I enjoy, things that make me happy, as happiness is so important!  Such as hobbies (Creative Diet)
  • I try to goal set my activities into my weekly plans, looking at how I can review and improve and identify the priorities I have. These keep me on track and both my physical and mental health are in better shape for it (Muscle Motivation)
  • Predict my stress triggers.  When I know something is coming up that is likely to cause stress good planning is key.  I look at what I can do to manage it as best I can, and what best supports me
  •  Make sure you tell someone.  If I am worried about things or stressed, just saying things out loud to someone can make a huge difference as you then own your true feelings
  • Choose to hang out with people on your level.  Someone you can text, call, meet and have that support with
  • I ensure I take regular pause moments; so important!
  • Even when you don’t feel like it connect with the world daily so you don’t become withdrawn.

Remember you are often not alone with these feelings and it is so important to tell someone. Don’t suffer in silence, it will only get worse.

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Sometimes my Trainers are all the therapy I need!

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Had a bad day? Feeling drained? Brain fog?  Frustrated?  At the end of the day are you left feeling “how am I going to change my mind frame?”

Well….I choose to run!

Run off the day, run off the negative thoughts in my mind and any frustration or worries, and get outside and run!  Personally I love what a difference it makes.

Running is such a great example of a good coping strategy to clear my mind, it’s also a way of doing something to support yourself in releasing any bottled up emotions, thoughts and turn them around and let them fuel you to have willpower!

My running helps me build up resilience to my ever filling stress container! You see once I’ve run I feel like  I’ve achieved something too!

Its hard  to sometimes commit time to yourself, so anything that promotes this and leads to you feeling  positive is worth making time for.

You cannot beat that feeling of helping yourself through things and feeling like you’re getting there, you are making things change for the better. I find what’s great with running I can choose the path, route and distance, so it’s totally your call. Running is something that you can do alone, with someone else or as part of a community/ team. This can also help you feel you are connecting with the world regularly.

My running also gives me a new  found lease of life, It’s a tool that acts as a motivation muscle for me to stay on track with my goals, reflect who I want to be and keeps me on the right.

It’s a good idea is to think of what you are going to have as your support tool if you don’t yet have one.

Make the you time count, invest in you!

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“Motivation Muscle”


There are times when we all need some motivation, especially on those days where it feels harder than normal to keep going; hard to stay on track.

One of our top tips at Brain Biscuits Coaching is to create a “motivation muscle” that you can use that fuels you with positivity when staying on track seems hard.  

This needs to be something that is easy to access quickly, for example:

 ·        fill a bag with things that inspire you to keep you on track, this might have your gym stuff ready to go, with a charged I-pod and headphones all packed so on those bad days you just grab it and go work out, run, move, whatever works for you to clear the negative fog.


·        A vision board is great as it visually shows why you are doing this!  Allow yourself a moment to look at all the images that represent what you want, and just why it’s worth continuing!


·        Create a Diary or Journal that shows the steps you have taken so far, and the stages you have reached.  Use this to track your progress. Look at it to see how far you have come.

 Or, all of the above!  

 Basically, anything that makes you feel positive and boost your mood instantly is a motivation muscle for you.


It is also worth factoring this in to your weekly lifestyle as a success tool. 

It’s also a good idea to see what the triggers are that cause the feeling of being deflated, maybe review this trigger and see if there are any changes you could make? 

Remember regular motivation is key to your goal setting and of course discipline.