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Don’t compare yourself to others, compare your progress of change against yourself….

Personal progress starts from within remember the steps you took and where you once started. revisit the start in your mind how you felt and what your mind set was like and then use this for motivation, with comparison to where you are at present and more importantly where your heading and imagine how you will think and feel in your future when your goal is achieved, mentally, physically and emotionally.

It’s great to gather motivation for your journey but try not to compare yourself to others along the way if you can help it! don’t get me wrong It’s wonderful to have people who inspire us but when it comes to inspiration, take a lot from where you once where and don’t forget each positive change and step you have taken. Be your own measure-able motivation. Only you no the efforts it took to get you where you are today! These steps are so worthy of being phrased.

Just take a moment and ask yourself, when did you last celebrated for a minute your personal progresses, look at what you have achieved and not what you haven’t! I encourage you to keep records of your own start point and progress line and look back at the differences along the way. Look at what makes you feel and think the best you can about who you are and all you have become. These would motivate you to Become the version of yourself you want to be; what dose that even mean you ask?

Only you know what you want and who you want to be and have in your life, but I would imagine for most of us we would have on our list something that represents finding true happiness at the top of this.

So look at your present self, past self and what you want in your life with your future self.

It helps to become more accepting of yourself and make changes to what you don’t like or don’t want to accept and look at ways of working with the bits you want to change and plan your goals and the steps that will lead you to get results.

For the things we can’t change, review the way your mind set is towards them. Its so self rewarding to learn to draw a line! It’s important to learn to move forward with accepting this that your drawing a line and then let go of what you are not in control of and can’t change and finally be free of those holding you back.

I find it helpful to log all of your steps you have made, try a simple yet affective exercise.

1)Firstly find a quiet spot

2) take a price of paper and write down what you are in control of .

3)write wha you can’t control.

4) in the middle draw a happy bubble in the middle and fill it with a list of all the things that you love, enjoy and makes you smile.

5)pick a item off your list that you have in your can control column and make a start planing your steps towards that becoming a reality.

This chart example is where you list the things you can control, can’t control and then what’s your happy place your centre . Good for anxiety, personal goal setting,

Then every time you feel you need to re-evaluate you can use this exercise tool to help get things out and down on paper.

If you find yourself comparing things in life compare your journey, from where you have been, where you are now and where you are heading.Be in competition with no one just yourself!

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