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Don’t let the past hold you back!

Everyone goes through things in life everyone has a past, some good some bad and you can use these past experiences to channel anything from it that you want. Things that you learnt, things that were positive and helped you grow, grow into who you are today and helped build your resilience for life. But please remember the past doesn’t have to define you, unless you want it too! It’s the past for a reason don’t let it write your future, you be the narrator! Things might be tough and get hard at times but you can still change tomorrow, you can make it better even if just a small step in the direction you want, this step no matter how small is then the starting point of you taking control and not letting anything or anyone hold you back, back from being you!

You can spend the rest of your life blaming the past for how you are now and why things are how they are or you can give yourself an opportunity and see that it’s not to late !to make a new future and change your current story, write a new exciting chapter one that you want, that you choose and finally enjoy and own your life.

It’s not that we should forget what’s happened but it’s knowing that what happened is past tense and doesn’t mean things can’t change and be better,live and work towards a future, your future.

Don’t be scared to live a life that when you look back you can say whatever life chucked your way you did all you could to have the life you wanted, regret free!

If the past experiences you have been through still eat you up and affect you negatively or physically then be honest with yourself, find and get support this will help you to address the things that keep bothering you so that you then can move forward once and for all. I know it’s hard but don’t be frightened it will be the best thing for your future addressing what is holding it back!