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Post lock down reprogramming back to your “new normal”

Struggling to remember life before full lock down?

Wanting to connect and identify back to who you are? what you normally look like? Normallly wear beyond pjs and workout gear or your favourite lounge suit? Thinking what is it I Normally would do and now can do? or are allowed to do again, when? and most of all what you’ve learnt, changes you’ve made and all the small to big achievements,progresses in such hard and challenging time you have achieved!

First off, remember you have never been probably more isolated at times, patient, pushed, emotional, had to cope with dramatic changes, from family dynamists, income, pressure, routine, relationships and never before been and had to be so many roll’s in day to day life, from parent, colleague, teacher, to full time 24/7 all round the clock provider to your household. We have all had to dig deep and hard this winter on such a dip level resilience wise during a winters lock down! and all the last 12 months has brought to the world, a year of incredibly turbulent challenging changes.

So, When lockdown eases and things start to be let’s say somewhat a “new normal”, what dose that mean to you? Look like? And how dose it make you feel?

For many of us we may be a mixed bag of relief, false pretence, fear worry, anxiety and many more where that came from. Their May be some areas in your life which will now change as a result of al this or have because of this. You maybe thinking what will the new future look like when more restrictions are eased. This can be form your work, career, where you live location wise, Friends and family dynamics the lifestyle you have via want and the direction you are wanting to go in now since the world somewhat changed.

It’s a really good idea to have a moment before you are back running around on the school run, back to your allowed normal restriction wise, think about how you are and what you want going forward. Find a suitable place with a notebook and pen or mental log and your favourite environment in your home or when out walking and reflect and consider what you feel and will help you coming out of lockdown mentally and physically?

Tips of things to try and consider:

1) First off, keep yourself motivated and feeling as strong and positive as you can especially if your feeling more anxious than relieved right now. Start by writing down all the positive changes you have made since all this started and especially when full lock down occurred for you. from the smallest of things like, I gave up something unhealthy, I became fitter, I learnt a new skill, craft, tool on household challenge, decorated, decluttered, moved, Quality precious time with those in your house hold and all the changes you made that made you personally feel better. Don’t forget, the very fact we have got through the lock down is a Big achievement in itself!

2) It is a perfect time to revisit your core values and your centre what is important to you reevaluate this to see if they are the same or different from such a big life experience.

3) look ahead, ask yourself the following questions, what do I want now from life out of lock down? What do I want to do this summer? this year? Then what do I want to change and where do I want to be a year from now? You could also later think of this also with your partner and see what joint goals you have to as-well as your individual ones.

4) Have a moment to think if you are concerned, ask yourself, what are you most worried, scared about going back out into “new normal “ ? Then when you answer this ask yourself, what will help me no be as worried, scared about this or help me ease my anxiety with all this? What strategies can I draw upon which I know work? this could be from relaxation techniques, exercise, fresh air and walks, craft projects, creative projects, talking to somebody, writing things down, reading positive material and whatever works bespoke to you.

5) reflect back on, who, how and what’s really helped lift your Spirts throughout this whole experience? What can I take forward from this to keep me feeling lifted when new normal returns?

6) Plan ahead, draft out and try putting am down a plan of what your new structure, routine will be. Make sure you look at how you will plan and make sure you fit in all your individual needs, family, couple and fitness needs. Fill this plan and weekly schedule if you like, with things you really enjoy doing in your life going forward from, personal time, me time, exercise routines, hobbies, Quality family, time quality relationship time,making sure you don’t forget what you have learned from and enjoyed in lockdown, maybe you did exercise more, eat better, spend less time on screen time, find little country gems to go walking in your home town. It’s so important to keep continuing positive things you have worked hard on to bring to your life and to have as much as you can in your power a happy balanced lifestyle.

When The restrictions ease between now and summer,it’s important to remember with all these changes, when you get things back to “new normal”, kids at school, offices open, seeing friends and loved ones, events, gatherings allowed, social hubs opening and things move forward throughout this year you might experience a lot of different emotions and feelings, remember to remind yourself this is ok! everyone’s situation is unique we are all in the same storm but in different boats and whatever you feel, emotional or physically is ok.

Think about what you need to make this change post lockdown as stress free, kind and seamless as possible for both yourself and your family.

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Determination “must do’s” for staying on track!

So the end of January is approaching and “Blue Monday” has pasted!

Hows your motivation? Still feeling determined?

It’s so easy to hit the start of January with great intentions even a “go hard or go home approach” whatever your goals, whether it’s a new routine, job, workout, business venture or personal development journey or any chosen change you want to make this year to your life!

But you also need to sustain your aims for the long haul making them “life style choices“, which are permanent and not short lived. Unless you change your goal then that’s different! What works now might not work in the next chapter but don’t let your motivation wear off!

Keep yourself going and motivated. We all can start our year off with good intentions but they can become short lived if we don’t give ourselves something to keep a determined mind and remember to keep your aims in site; it will make a big difference.

Make a note of what and why you are doing this for, what it will lead to and remind yourself of this each time you feel a dip.

Visuals are good to use and can keep you being you! Have something to look forward to; sign up to a new challenge, such as a run; have a load of small projects you want to do, a declutter or your new garden project; trying new recipes or leaning something new.

Mark your steps along the way, keep a log like a diary, however, you want to show the aims of the day and tick them off when you have done them, such as 3 things today I am going to get done that will support my goals and keep me motivated.

Have fun along the way, keep things enjoyable, change it up to stay on track there is no one size fits all, remember your the pilot in all of this, your the making of these good things that can happen!

Most things you’ll find that are positive in your life will lead to more good things in your future so focus on them. Be aware how far you have come! Only look back to see how far you have come every positive change has an impact no matter how small it may seem! It’s your change so own it!

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In Lockdown? Tips to help you cope

First of all I want to send positive vibes, wishes of health, happiness and strength we are all in this together. Take care and be safe.

I have been in lockdown restrictions for a while now and wanted to share some things that have helped me get through the days and the ever changing updates and information out there, I waned to share what’s kept me mentally and physically stable.

Start the day as you mean to go on, I have found having a moment first thing to myself helps me to mentally prepare for the day ahead. Find a place in your home you feel most relaxed and positive and take your morning coffee/tea and just take a minute. I am blessed to have a room that has lots of large windows facing green space so I wake up and have my favourite cup of coffee looking out at my garden. 

Find out some great reading material and feed your mind! Have a few things ready to read, I have got a handful of books ready, that will keep my mind focused. I am going to continue to factor this in my day even if it’s a page or two a night.

I have planned some creative projects, given the current situation I have looked at things I can recycle and what also I can do at home for sustainability. 

I have looked at what’s happening in the Community on-line, there is normally lots you can get involved with, help or connect to. It’s important not feel alone. It can be a simple phone call to your neighbours.

Communication, talk to your family and friends call those your closest to. its so important to speak to whoever makes you feel happy and those that keeps your spirits lifted and also think who you can call and help them along the way to. Now is time when it is absolutely key to make time for those you love and care about.

Make sure you check in and reflect daily on how you are. ask yourself how are you feeling and what’s your mood like? There is a lot going on and a lot to take in and adjust to so be kind to yourself. Don’t forget to ask yourself “what helps me feel connected still with the world?”, “what am I learning about myself?”, “how am I doing with this situation?”, “what do I need to help me through this tough time?” 

Make a list of things that takes your mind off everything and then you can use these things again as strategy’s going forward over the coming weeks. I have found watching something funny and that my sense of humour really helps; laughing and lightening the mood allows me to escape and of course also my exercise workouts as they keep me focused.

Allow time to process what’s happening and take this all in. You might find It helpful to write down anything that directly impacts you or is worrying you and look at what steps you can take to support and help yourself through this time from financial matters to practical living issues, such as food and essentials.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy and remind you of good times, photos are always great of places and people in your life. Play music and enjoy mood lifting sounds. Look back at videos and pictures remind yourself this is all temporary and we are all in this together.

I have found making my home as calm as possible is incredibly helpful in this situation, I have got rid of any clutter and created more space to keep the mood positive and allow for clear thinking. Lighting candles with a fragrance you like and make your house your home.

It’s hard to always stay on track of nutrition but I have found it incredibly helpful to log everything into my fitness pal so I can check on what nutrients I am missing or having with limited supplies and monitor my calorie intake, vitamins and minerals.

This situation has created more time for me to give to tasks and things that I don’t normally have, such as cooking at meal times I have more time to prep so can make fresh and from scratch and explore and try new recipes So also allows me to get creative which always boosts my mood.

Get fresh air, when you can make sure you let air into your home, if you have a garden get outside at least once a day if weather allows and your well enough too. The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders, I know some in countries you are ok to take a walk with social distancing so there is this option too.

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New year, New focus, New beginnings

The new year is almost here and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a fresh new chapter and start. This years been a crazy one to say the least and challenging to all of us at times and definitely brings home a BIG reminder that life is precious and short, so there is no time to waste when it comes to your happiness.

Below are some Tips for Success in making your goals happen;

1)Keep a diary list of tasks each day of the steps you want to take, tick them off as you go.

2) Have a object of reference to support you to stay focussed and example is “That dress or suit” hanging up you want to fit into again or brought to wear when you go to ….

3) don’t underestimate the power of positivity that physical movement provides when you need a mood boost. This can help keep you pushing in the right direction. Don’t under estimate endorphins, highly recommend even just going for a gentle walk when safe to do so lockdown wise whenever possible.

4) Have a list of new things to try, from projects you want to do or finally complete. Keep this new year more fun and interesting, try new things, new activities and visit places you haven’t before, keep things motivational and moving throughout 2021 outside the comfort zone. Plan what you would love to do or a list of what you miss and will do as soon as lockdown and things are all possible again to do round covid etc,

5) Surround yourself with people that boost you, that want you to succeed and make you feel good about who you are. It’s so true your tribe is your vibe.

6) Make time for “me time”. It’s not selfish it’s vital.

7) Get plenty of fresh air,surrounded yourself in some good “old free fresh air” in natural surroundings in the great outdoors. The breaks by going for a walk and taking in new surroundings can help you keep your mind in check and keep you feeling positive.

8) Think about what helps you on the days where your motivation slips, make note of the “go-to’s” that spur you on! When looking at the new year 2021,

9) don’t forget how far you have come,reflect on your successes. Make sure you remind yourself of all the steps you have already taken just to get to where you are! Use phots, diary anything that you can reflect back on start to present day of your journey.

10) Make sure don’t lose your identity, you can be a mum, dad, husband, wife, partner, professional, but most importantly your you make sure that you still identify as who you are not just to all the other identities you have. if you feel this is slipping priorities this as focus area to reconnect with yourself.

The New year can create a mix batch of emotions. It might be about letting go of what has been and cant be changed. It can bring hope, a fresh start looking ahead,new beginning, but also try not to be pressured by it all, do what you feel you can, when you can and when it feels right for you when it comes to goal setting. It Doesn’t have to be January you start what you want to accomplish when you want something go for it whatever the day month year.

When ever your ready to set out your goals and you feel ready you can try this exercise;

1) Get a note pad and pen and list all the things that come to mind, List them all down on paper.

2) Once you have a list then choose which of the things on your list you want to focus on most and then narrow it down to 2-3 of them to start with.

3) When your choosing these 2-3 ask yourself which of the things will make you feel happier and help you progress to where you want to be?

4) Once chosen, the next thing is to think of what it is you need to do to achieve them or change to reach them. Think about what small steps You can make happen in the right direction for each of the 2-3 items you have chosen.

5) Then commit and decide when you are starting this plan of action and put a date or mark it in your diary, it’s proven when you write things down your more likely to actually do them. Again as always tick them off as you go so you can actually see how much closer you are to where you want to be from where you started.

Remember perseverance is key you get out what you put in, so give it your all, this proves your really invested and want this goal rather than feel you should be doing it! Keep the path true to you!

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and very happy new year 2021