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Visuals are so important to keep us going!

Seeing visual success is a great way to keep us on track and focused.  It’s great if you can do something that acts as a supportive tool to keeping you on track and that you can look at when you need to see evidence of what you have achieved or evidence you’re getting there.

Another thing that helps is timing.  For me it is so important to have a good positive start to your day. “Starting how you mean to go on” with things that are in your control of course.

I find that my morning and breakfast are important to me so that I feel I am in control and on track from the get go.  My breakfast being healthy and hearty and full of goodness is important to my goal of being fitter and healthier throughout my life now. Breakfast is a great place to start.  My other goal is also to keep improving my physical fitness along with doing something that boosts my mood and makes me feel happy; for me that’s my morning run.  The breakfast choice I go for is porridge sprinkled with the fruits I have managed to grow in our garden.

We set a goal to grow fruits last year and we did it!  This summer we have fruit!

Seeing these visual successes is so rewarding;  literally the fruits of our success!

No matter how big or small your goal it is such a nice personal victory knowing you did what you set out to do, and having some visual evidence is even better!

The message in this is:   visual evidence of you achieving your goal is a great success tool.

I am now enjoying both a good start to the day with my run, and complimenting it with a good healthy breakfast with the fruits of our success. Make your Mornings count!



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