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Make Goals with “HEART “

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One of the first big goals I set was wanting to complete a 5 k run. I was a non-runner at the time, so I had to make sure I did things to break the goal down, and be sensible with where I was at in terms of fitness levels; what time I could give to the training involved, especially around my life commitments. My tip would also be to set stages/steps and find ways to monitor progress.  

I found using a running App a great way for this type of goal and tracking my progress.  I also liked watching others, such as lifestyle bloggers who had used the same App for a 5k training program.  Seeing how they found their journey with the training they set for themselves (goals steps), and it gave me inspiration and the motivation to complete my own steps that lead me to my main goal “run 5k”.   I was so excited because the first ever 5k I ran was for a charity that’s close to my heart so this goal supported  my core values.  What  was also great was with something physical you can feel and see the results!  So I knew when I had reached it as it was measurable.  I also was lucky to be given a little keepsake medal for achieving it. This is great visual evidence of a goal being met!   Every time I see it I am reminded of where I started and how far I have come!  My goal was set with HEART which is a coaching model which helps you set your goals with all your true values and abilities in mind; with the basis around making small manageable steps to get your goals (particularly larger goals), achieved.  I recommend both the coach to 5k App and “virtual runner” for charity runs as they allow anyone of any ability to complete various running tasks, steps, races etc.



The HEART Model

The Heart Model is great to look at for personal development coaching when setting goals.   I like to use it with clients. An example of some of the model is below.

Honest: Is the goal right for you?  Does it fit with your core values and beliefs?

Exact: What will you exactly need to accomplish your goals?  What steps do you need to take?

Authentic:  Is the goal consistent with your values?  Does it reflect what you really want?

Realistic:  Is the goal realistic, do you have the time, energy, and motivation to complete this goal?

Timely:  What is the deadline for this goal?  How long will each step take?  By when will you accomplish these steps?



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