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Self isolating, how we are trying to waste as little as possible

First off I want to again wish you all strength, health and positivity at such a turbulent time. My blogs at the moment are sharing how I am coaching myself and family through our self isolation and to share this with you. I hope that you find it helpful, and if nothing else something nice to read about.

We are trying to make a positive bubble in our home at the moment for us all to live in as comfortably and as stress free as possible. with all that’s going on in the world right now this is essential

We are trying to take positive from the simplest of things and of course value our precious time together.

We also are monitoring our foods supplies, planning menus for each day so not to waste anything. We are even using left overs such as peals and skins of fruits and packaging food comes in, so for example really over ripe bananas can be used to create a cake or loaf, which provides more for the whole family as long as you have eggs, flour, sugar and butter or vegan variations lying around.

Then we also looked at the leftover waste of these products and found out what can we do with them? the egg shells and banana skins can be used in the garden to help with the growing of our vegetables, we planted some runner beans this weekend so we should have crop for summer in case vegetables are hard to get, which currently it’s very hit and miss in the stores.

We have found some canes in our garden and string in the shed and used the soil that was good in our garden so didn’t need to buy anything in addition to the seeds we had in storage.

I’m enjoying learning about things that I wouldn’t have made a priority before and simply didn’t have the time to do before. These tasks have all been in some way creative, which again keeps us as a family seeing progress with visual results. We also have tasks set for the day so then indirectly have small goals, which we are achieving. This helps us feel a sense of accomplishment; it’s great to see results of our efforts for the day as a household. The most important part to this is that we can show our child that it’s important to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible.

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