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Lock down tips for keeping yourself in check.

With us all experiencing lock down at various times around the world, this brings many challenges and changes in many ways to our day to day life. The one thing we can try to keep control of is to look after ourselves as much as possible at this very unpredictable time, so be kind to yourself and try to listen to yours needs for getting trough this all as comfortably and healthy both mentally and physically as possible.

Tips that you might find helpful;

1) If your working from home try to think about the most suitable place to set up. A place that you can distinguish between work mode and home life. Space might be an issue and if so find a room you feel comfortable in and that can change throughout the day from work to your personal living environment.

2) Think about how you start your days,mornings can become incredibly important as they can set you up for the day. Try to make them good for you and ensure they include something that supports your mindset for the rest of the day. From a good cup of your favourite coffee or morning exercise routine. Maybe wake up at different time to the rest of your house hold so you have some space first thing for you when waking up.

3) This has put a dramatic shift in most of our routines so you might find it’s a good idea to have a weekly or daily Planner, keep a list of what you want from the week, when listed you can then tick off as you go. A weekly planner/list will also visually show that things can still happen and be achieve even if more home bound than normal.

4) When possible Get some daily Fresh air, if safe where you are to go outside this is great for clearing your head. Walks are great or get in the garden for half an hour take a lunch break your inside a lot more and it’s darker this time of year in some parts of the world so any day light and especially if a sunny winters day.

5) clear clutter, because lockdown means we will be in our homes a lot more it’s a good idea to make time to finally tackle areas of the home that feel chaotic or cluttered, plan in time to do this as you don’t want chaos around you, clear home clear mind.

6) creative pursuits, it might be worth having a projects list that you can occupy yourself with when feeling fed up or board, Creative pursuits for example from baking, cooking, making things to painting just try different things as ways of relaxing and expressing yourself at this unusual time.

7) Have a plan for when you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious that you can draw upon, think of what will help you, for example a run or walk, have a bath read a book, call a friend. Tackle one worry at a time, write it down and then write how you can solve it and what you can’t solve how you can manage how you deal with it even if it’s drawing a line and saying to yourself somethings you can’t control or do anything about, but for example anxiety from this can be managed when I go for a run or walk etc to help as coping strategies.

8) Connect to those who keep you positive and check in regularly with friends and family from calling, face timing each other and try to join in with any fun things in your on-line community from quizzes, art classes and exercise classes etc.

9) Make a list of things you want to do when things are back to a new Normal, positive things such as places you want to visit and activities you want to do keep connected to the future.

10) Make a positive place where you have photos, things that make you smile and feel centred amongst all the crazy going on even if it’s a box filled with things like memories of vacations, places and photos of friends, family, experiences you have had that where fun. It’s so important to remind yourself it hasn’t alway been like this and it won’t always be either.

11) Take a minute out from everything and everyone each day find a calm spot inside or outside that you can go to. Use this time and space as the spot for clam thinking, reading, relaxing exercise etc it’s your place for your pause break to restore and recharge yourself we all need a moment at time’s.

12) If tour not coping and finding yourself slipping make sure you tell someone, reach out and you won’t be alone many of us will feel like this at some point, sharing your worries will help as you won’t feel so alone in your head with it all. Your not failing because you need support, help or struggling be kind to yourself and just reach out.

Stay safe, well both mentally and physically and look after yourself.

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