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Spring is round the corner! declutter and make space for you!

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The right environment is so important for us all clear space clear mind!. A chaotic environment doesn’t help the mind at all as it projects chaos. A great start to your goal setting journey is to identify an environment you want to use as your space! A space for being creative, completing your goal setting/personal development tasks and allowing you to think clearly. Wherever that maybe, no matter how small or large the space, make it calm and clutter free. These sorts of environments will make your mood feel calm and chilled-out. Top tips for finding your goal setting environment is to think about a space which makes your mood positive, look at things that enhance and support your senses, such as:

1, the having the scent of things you like in the creative space such as flowers, baking, essential oils, coffee etc.

2, lighting is important so make it work for you! It can create a cosy feel or soft lighting for mood enhancement or maybe you prefer and environment with stimulating lighting. aybe even candles.

3, fill your space with objects that help project your wanted direction such as photos of inspiring views, cosy throws, cushions a nice chair/sofa table maybe it’s having a positive quote or two by your side to spur you on, or your written goals and priorities lists.

4, sounds can help you to relax, this could be chill out music, classical music or some of us need silence. It’s a personal choice, whatever works for you!

5, taste is important – a nice cup of herbal tea, water with a slice of lemon, coffee, tea, whatever you like to have to support you digging deep into your thoughts and to channel direction; let’s face it a nice cuppa can do wonders! Whatever is your Zen create it! Enjoy it! Make things happen!