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Intro Blog: Brain Biscuits Coaching, fuelling your thoughts, coaching your character

Intro Blog: Brain Biscuits Coaching, fuelling your thoughts and coaching your character!

All of us reach a stage in life where we just feel a little bit lost. Lost in our identity and in our direction. Brain Biscuits Coaching is really about that time in life!  The time where you need to re-fuel, re-think and look at who you are, what you want from life, and what drives you.

Brain Biscuits Coaching is about finding the real you, helping you to set personal goals with a personal development coach. These goals will help you find your direction and your personal identity again.

My background is I’m a Mum. I have a little boy who is my world!  When he started growing up and approaching pre-school age I started to fear and dread the school years coming and the emptiness I would feel when he goes to school full-time. I was feeling somewhat lost in my purpose and direction when the year of him starting school arrived and I needed to start looking at what I could do to occupy my time. What could I do to get through the initial shock of it all as the last 5yrs had been about being full on as a mum which was new to me also.

Since becoming a mum I really put myself second; it’s what you do.  I didn’t have time for me and felt guilty if I did take any time for me.  I remember one day, I was out for the day and we took pictures to capture the wonderful day at the Zoo with my family.  Later that day I looked back at the pictures and was shocked to see what was me!  The me in the pictures I didn’t recognise; I didn’t recognise who or what I had become.  Identity crisis kicked in. With that, I realised it was time for a change!

That was it I said enough!  I need to get back in shape, have some sort of routine in my life, find something that pushed me mentally and physically, something that challenged me.  I wanted to feel myself again and find my true new identity.

I started to look at the fitness side of things first.  I remember when my son was little and I was on maternity leave and how I always wanted to be that mum out running.  But I was always the mum out pushing my son in his pushchair with my caffeine fuelled double shot Americano and packet of crisps (my breakfast/lunch!).  I was merely functioning.  I wanted to now be a mum that could run!  Later that week I met with a group of friends and one of the Mums there started talking about her new running routine and the App she was using. Excitedly, I asked what the App was she was raving about!  She kindly shared the “couch to 5k” App. I felt so pleased to find out this info and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  I remember she was so positive about how much it worked for her that I felt inspired immediately and wanted to join the couch to 5k clan!  So that day I downloaded it! Couch to 5K was now in my life!  This was a game changer for me.  So there I was finally committing to something for me and the bonus was it actually felt good for me too!  It worked wonders on my “mum brain”, on my mental health, well-being and physical health.

The whole process showed me it’s very important that I have goals to work towards.  It also showed me that doing something daily, or weekly, for myself did wonders for thinking through my thoughts.  It gave me head space which I didn’t have before as the running cleared my mind.  The process also showed me that actually it’s not me being selfish to go and spend an hour on me running, that this was actually a limiting-belief that I use to have.   I learned that if I did spend time on me I was happier, so I was a better person all round!   This goal, I felt stretched physically and mentally.

I started to see actual results in my mood, and my mental health was in a much better place. I felt a sense of belonging, I felt a sense of achievement, I felt physically challenged.  All the results sat well with me because I wanted to also look visually different as I had put on 2 stone from pregnancy.  Going back to the photo I referenced to at the beginning of this blog I could see the difference in me.  This goal I set and achieved made me feel I could do more and become something again, I could identify with a new me!

After I completed the 5k running, I then took part in a local run for charity fundraising and was running 2/3 times a week 5k or more!  Then to top it off I was ready for new adventures alongside all this and of course new goals!

Seeing the impact of all these results on myself I decided that I wanted to learn more about personal development coaching, life coaching and neuro-linguistic programming.  I felt that I had used those self development fundamentals through my own life challenges.  The results made me feel amazing!

I want to recreate and deliver this for others.  That’s how Brain Biscuits Coaching was founded.


Thank you for taking the time to read my Intro Blog!