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Time… too much, to little …

Time,we all have either not enough or to much time on are hands at the moment.

We may feel overwhelmed by having to do more tasks, juggling many roles and all while living under one roof and space, for example if your in lockdown.

Those of you who are living alone my be feeling more disconnected from the world because of this lockdown and as a result have a lot less social inclusion. This all can result in more time on your hands, to think.

The thing is,if we spend to much time thinking about things we could make ourselves feel worse, for example overanalyse and literally overthink something, or if we don’t have the time to think about what we are feeling and our thoughts and what we need, we can have a spiral in our mindset and in turn our mental health! it’s such a balancing act of what’s healthy and what’s to much time.

There is no right or wrong, but there is an impact.

If you don’t have enough time for what you need to do and process things you think about, whether it’s work related, homeschooling, emotional led thinking, fitting in things such as workouts, course work, craft projects, reading time etc then what happens?

Do you feel lower in your mood, more short tempered or snapping, feel stressed, pressured, anxiety? these are all sighs of not having enough efficient time on your hands and as a result, things are not working in the best way for you.

Learning to recognise when you need less or more time to invested in things, this will help ensure you keep balanced on the things you need to do, and also the things you enjoy and more importantly, give less time on what isn’t good for you or making you as happy.

Making time for things that keep you being you, is very important and working out what strategies help you to find this balance is key.

when you can have some “ you time” use it wisely, it’s not selfish, it’s vital.

if you don’t make time for yourself, your needs, steps and goal then how can you make what you want to happen, in your life happen?

So, how can you make time for what you need?

Take a moment to Reflect on how your currently using your time, is it affective? Is it sufficient for you?

Think about how this week has gone for you ? How have you felt as a result?

then imagine and think about what your perfect ideal weekly/ daily program would look like against this?

What would be different? what would you add in you didn’t make time to do before?what would you give less or more time to?

Time management ideas:

Make a mental log or make an actual timetable of the times in the day you feel you need to change the nature of what your doing, A example, do you have slot of time in one room, let’s say, in your home office all morning, do you make an hour for yourself to take a break and go for a walk? This is based on if your Safe to go outside, covid restrictions wise etc, did you want more time to be active and move, is this the right time or not to make time for a at home workout in another room in your home?

Consider, if you spoken to anyone today outside of your home, make time for positive people who keep you motivated, call your friends, family or watch those who inspire you on their daily blogs etc, use time to connect and keep you feeling less Alone.

When it comes to your time management timetable, make sure you don’t spend a-lot of time on things that make you feel low, alone or negative.

Factor in some clam/quiet time, If your house is full of people, find the time to have “your quiet time “alone away from everyone maybe wake before they all do, or when they are all asleep unwind somewhere for a while before you go to sleep.

If you have the ability of some support at home say with your partner, let them no you need time for yourself, if you feel you need time to do, your walk, your exercise,your you time and encourage them to have the same within your household/ family so you all have a better time being in each other’s pockets especially if in lock down.

Invest your time wisely whenever possible, remember this is an incredibly unique situation at the moment in the world, do what you need to live through it as mentally and physically possible.

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