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Your happiness, the best investment you’ll ever make!

There is a time where we all struggle to identify with what makes us truly happy. It hard to no where your happiness lies as it’s all part of our ever changing mindset, but once you have identified it, it will change your life. Choosing to do more of what makes you happy is one of the best investment you can make!

The more happier you are the more you will project this outward, to what you attract into your life and naturally to those people around you,so don’t feel guilty for investing time for yourself , they to benefit by you being the best version of yourself. We All need to make the time to help find out what makes us happy and build on this in our life and the strategies that we feel provide this to us as a person.

Remember you get out what you put in, if little time is invested into your personal happiness, then the less happy you will feel.

This “Internal happiness ” isn’t always easy to find as it’s a ever changing and supported by our mind-set therefore it needs to be maintain! If you don’t keep it topped up it’s going to start to slip and fade. Keep being consistent in investing in it for yourself.

If you want to try to identify what currently would help you feel happier, then It’s good to list the things out that you feel are currently in your life, that do make you happy.From this list,then identify what of this is purely for you, just you,you as an individual not as a role you play to others. Remember this is keeping your happiness true to you. Making sure you regularly do what makes you happy as daily as possible, even if it’s a 30 minute me time, exercise class or walk, it will keep you also feeling strong in your mindset to.

The key is to learn how to keep it going. It’s very easy to dedicate time into making others happy but don’t you too need to also be happy and have this as a priority in your life? This is to ensure you keep “you” being the real you. So you keep true to who you are, who you identity as a person in your own right, as well as all the other labels you carry, partner, mother, father, sibling, colleague, friend etc.

It maybe a collection of things, that when put together they collectively lead you to finding your happiness. When you find this and your mindset is happier, you’ll find that your living more in the moment, your more at peace with yourself and have learnt that it’s ok to say no to things. You may also become more confident in who you are, you may want to try new things, new experiences, thinge that definitely move you outside your comfort zone. With these things until you brave them and take more steps forward towards the things you want to do,but have been to scared to try in the past, If you don’t ever try these, will you feel regret or feel your missing out?

Make a list of what you feel makes you happy. Identify What on the list is currently in your life and what on the list currently isn’t. Then if you have a few things listed pick 2 or 3 of them that you want bring into your life and Focus on right now. plan some steps for this to happen. keep the things you feel make you happy under review as it can change, so goals can be made, moved and achieved, keep a eye on your mood and mind. Don’t let yourself slip back because your giving everything to everyone else.

It might be you don’t yet no what truly makes you feel happy, but no what definitely doesn’t make you happy!maybe start with this and looking at what can you change, even eliminate from life. Try to avoid and stop doing the things that you don’t like and that are definitely not making you happy. It maybe this change has to come first before you can even think of what makes you happy, clearly in your mind.

Making time to analyse what impacts you negatively and positively is very important, others wise you can form a toxic lifestyle and routine of things that collectively make you unhappy, and spend little time on what brings positivity to your day, the long term impact of this will be on your mental health, so get it right for you.

Remember your mind is one of the most powerful life tools you have and happiness is a state of your mindset. Invest in it and the returns are endless.

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