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Don’t give up!

When everything feels a little hopeless….

We all have times where we feel like giving up on things, the targets we set, the plans we make the goals we have because at times everything is hard and can be such a effort! It can feel like every part of you is tired and everything seems well, hopeless and empty. So what do you do to keep going and not give up?

We all experience days like this or will do at some point in our life and it’s good to know how to help yourself through this and what you can do if you find yourself in this position.

1) Stay connected, tell someone your not having a good day! however you communicate that just make sure you let them know. Take a moment also to think about who that would be so that if you ever find your day to be a struggle you’ll no that when in the middle of feeling like this who that person is you would call.

2) Think about What normally helps lift and lighten the mood.what makes you feel better? Try to do it, exercise, crafts, sleep, music, art, cleaning,Baking? Whatever it is try to do it, use it as “your go to! ”

3) Leave the house! don’t shut away from everyone, even if it’s a short walk, drive or full on run you chose leave the house ! environment change can really help and keeps you connected to the world.

4) It’s also still that time of year where many of us struggle because it’s cold, dark and the sun isn’t always out, so the days can seem very long and dark! When there is daylight and reasonable weather it’s a great idea to go outside!

5) When your struggling also remebr to give yourself acknowledge for the things you have done and are doing, remember where you started and where you are now, that you have the strength to get back up! believing in yourself and that you can get through this!

6) It’s so important to be kind to yourself and prep talk yourself through this day! Whatever you take comfort from do!

7) Laughter is a great way to lift spirts try watching something you like that you find funny.

8) Plan things to look forward to doing in the near future, Watch, read, listen to things that inspire you. This can help you to look forward. “Maybe look at a holiday”?

9) Also functioning properly is so important, Sleep how are you sleeping ? This is so important and it could be that your also very tired and exhausted and could be experiencing burn out! So try to rest and look to get a good sleep,

10) it’s important to also see if there are any trends that you notice which cause you to feel this way, there might not be but if there are it’s worth going into that in more detail and working out why and what can be done to change this in the future. Do you need support there is nothing wrong in asking for help!

Please also be aware your not alone we all have down days if they turn into longer periods of time and more often definitely speak to someone don’t suffer alone!

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