The art of saying No, no to those things you simply don’t want to do!

How many times do you find your life full of things you feel you should do, go to or help out with when you really don’t want to?

Are you normally the one that they ask and the one that always says “yes I can do that” “yes I can help “even if your inner voice is saying or shouting even “No”

What if you make a change? A change that going forward every time that some thing comes up you don’t want to do you take the “new” following approach;

1, Don’t answer straight away if asked to help or do something for someone else and if asked face to face have a strategy that can be something like a phrase like “I’ll check and come back you” don’t respond without thinking the following;

2, ask yourself, Do I want to do this ?

3, ask yourself ,Will it make me/you happy? It’s ok to listen to your voice and feelings remember this doing that and listen to your needs it’s not selfish it’s healthy!

4, Have you had past experience of this activity, event, how did you feel ? Did it bring something positive to your day or life in general?

5,what did you learn and take from the last time?

6, Ask yourself Is it something that challenges you but in the right way for example”I don’t want to workout tonight and go to the gym”

But Actually it brings lots of positivity to your day and life.

6, ask yourself do you leave the place, person or event up lifted or deflated ?

If it deflates you, you are best in theory keeping these things to a minimum, if you have to ever entertain this still. Then all those things you finally say no to doing you can then use the time and effort it would have used up to channel somewhere far more interesting and rewarding for yourself.

Remember your life should feel like your living, living a life you want with a lifestyle that you have created and it’s never to late to tweak it and put a stop to those things you simply don’t want to do!

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