Want to make it your year! Give it some H.E.A.R.T!

If you really want something, I mean really want it to happen then give it your all; give it some heart! Keep things Honest, Exact, Authentic, Realistic and Timely.

HEART Goals are set with all the above in mind. They are honest and true to you, they not for anyone else, they are your goals, what you want in your life! 

The goals are exact and have steps and stages along the way. They keep you on top of your progress to your personal goal finish line! 

They are authentic to you and they are based on your current priorities, centre around your “core values”. They are not based on what you think you should be doing but what you want to do! 

These sort of goals need to be realistic and work in harmony with your life commitments, which mean it will all work together in forming a new improved lifestyle. 

Like every good goal they are measured by steps and have specific timeframes, which all have the end game in-site and where you want to be!

Nothing beats that moment “I did it!”

It’s a great idea to have a way to log your stages/steps visually and monitor progress it’s great to show all your doing and have done so far.

I love using note books, pictures and electronic logs of all the stages of the goal and look back every time I feel deflated along the way for a “motivation muscle”

It’s important to remember where you started is just as important as the end; it’s what got you there in the first place! 

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