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Managing your thoughts during lockdown and self-isolation.

You may find yourself worrying more than usually at the moment especially given the situation in the world. I wanted to share some things that I felt have helped me at this time which you may find helpful.

It’s a simple exercise to get all your thoughts down on paper. First take a piece of paper and in the middle draw a line through the centre then in the middle of that line draw a circle, this circle is centred it to the whole page.

In the left-hand side I make a list of everything that is on my mind that I am in control of examples of this may be the way in which my attitude is over this time I’m giving to my health and well-being, the exercise I will do, the food I will eat, how I’m going to homeschool my child, how am I going to line my finances up in light of the isolation, how I am going to continue to socialise with my friends and family such as online phone calls, emails, etc. how can I get on top of any food shortages such as organise meal plans have little waist dig out recipes etcn the left hand side of the piece of paper I write down every think that I feel I am in control of that is worrying me such as:sorting out food shopping sorting out finances sorting out homeschool activities how am I going to look after my health and well-being how can I still keep my running up how can I still socialise from home? These are all examples of course, we all have different priorities of thoughts.

Then to the right hand side of the page I list all the things I am not in control of for example how the virus is spreading, the way in which others are behaving, how long the timeframe of lockdown and isolation will happen etc. All of the items I list in this section I then with a line underscore as they are not in my control so I’m visually telling myself this by drawing a line under them they are not in my control.

Now for my favourite part of this exercise the large circle in the centre of your page is what I like to call your happy bubble.

In your happy bubble list out as many things as you can that make you feel better, lift your mood, stop you worrying so much and generally make you happy.

Examples you can put here are; creative projects going for a walk, reading a good book, exercise, talking to your friends or family, taking part in something .( online of course) doing some charity work or donating, community projects etc. your bubble of happiness will be based on what you like and activities that you Draw upon as strategies to continue to help you get through this time and keep your mood good, positive possibly and therefor as a whole and help you through.

Please see below a really rough example of this whole exercise on paper it’s not about anything being perfect this is solely for you again just an example of some things below.

Stay safe, keep well and hope you find this helpful.

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